You can touch my paw

Are you kidding me right now? Can you see I’m trying to sleep? Don’t care if you heard a meow It may have been an annoyed peep Let’s get this straight and evenly precise Only I can disturb the daytime snooze Consequence comes when you roll the dice It may involve blood and a bruise I’ll catch you later when it’s time To stretch, yawn and head to the dish This nap will no longer need to rhyme As youRead more

Faces of Gray

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge asks us to show FACES. The first face I thought of was my mom. I recently published a post called Smiling Mom if you’d like to take a peek. I chose not to reblog the post or reuse the photo. The second and third faces that came to mind were my two furry kids, Gibbs and Ziva. The image of their adorable¬†faces are forever solidified in my mind and in my heart. If youRead more

Textural Shades of Gray

One can find texture in many places. While contemplating a nap before dinner with family, I found it in a sleeping cat’s belly. Soft, silky, furry, going-every-which-way textural shades of gray. Move over, Ziva darling, I want to nap too. ZZzzzzzzz…Read more


Ahhhhhh, the joys of living with hungry beasts. It’s Caturday. Enjoy time with the furry ones after you’ve mumbled your way out to their food dish at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning because they can no longer wait for you to catch up on your sleep. I hope you have coffee and a soft, forgiving heart.Read more