Cherished Blogfest v3

Cherished is as cherished does An annual Blogfest is all the buzz Led by Damyanti, Dan and five more Bloggers choose an object they adore Or perhaps there is a loved one in mind Who is super sweet, smart and kind No matter, though, what is written As long as the blogger is smitten And when the blogger joins in He/she is guaranteed to make a new friend So, join the Cherished Blogfest one and all This is my forewarningRead more

Superstition: Weird or No?

“It’s only weird if it doesn’t work.” Remember the Bud Light commercials and this mantra? If not, take a peek at the video. As I wrote this post on Sunday, I had a short-sleeved Green Bay Packers #12 shirt over the top of a long-sleeved gold T-shirt. It’s been bringing the team luck the past few weeks; therefore, I continue to don the outfit so as not to cause a rip in the space/time/superstition continuum and cause the Packers toRead more

Upright Victory

Victory!¬† Forget the sad times. This week’s photo challenge is all about revelling in a win. There are days when the victory comes in breathing, in being alive, having the opportunity to stand under a hot shower on a cold autumn day, or allowing¬†the first steaming cup of vanilla caramel coffee to warm the innards. The victory intensifies when a typical Friday the 13th conjures a laugh and the knowledge that the black-cat day doesn’t last forever. Victory is inRead more