Please Stay

If haiku is the sashimi of poetry, tanka is its heartier hand roll cousin. Summer, why leave us? You take the long days with you The warmth seeps away We shall miss your smiling skies Please stay, for just one more month It’s football season Summer is waving good-bye The pigskin is tossed A wave breaks across the fans Green and gold color the field Summer is now gone Frost covers the browning grass Pumpkin patches rule The holidays standRead more

The Mark of Me in Three Words

For this week’s writing challenge, we want you to talk about leaving your mark. If you need a few more ideas to get you going, try these suggestions: Taking a look around you, what three objects most represent you and why? How do they reflect your personality, and who you are? Initially, I almost skipped this week’s writing challenge. How do I talk about leaving a mark without being boastful on one hand or self-deprecating on the other? How doRead more