It’s April

Oh thou crappy snow Why are you bothering me? It’s April and I’m a fool for believing a whisper that you would be gone at the end of March You were scarce around here all winter Oh thou crappy snow Why do you show up now? Why do you torment me? Why do you scatter your white, icy, wet flakes on the ground? It’s April and I’m a fool for believing that I would be riding a bike after theRead more

Beautifully Guilty

Wisconsin was not a snow monster this past winter. Without doing any research, I would say the southern part of the state received the most accumulation of white. The biggest snowfall of the season for the Green Bay area was 3.8”, which is nothing compared to a normal winter. It’s not uncommon to have at least one or two snowstorms in the 6-8” range and a good old blizzard to boot. This past season was not a good one forRead more

Why Didn’t They Win?

I went for a walk in the snow, to clear the mind and throw out the recycling. I said goodbye to football and hello to another winter’s week. Why didn’t they win the game? I went for a walk in the snow, the sound of distant cars muffled by a hat of green and gold, the wet flakes moistening flesh and fabric. What am I doing out here? I went for a walk in the snow, the pavement a swirlRead more

Silent White

It starts with one flake One flake becomes two Two flakes are suddenly a hundred, then a thousand, then ten thousand It silently adds First in inches, then in feet Snow falls and we do not hear It is soft, wet, filled with a hush But snow knows how to add On top of vehicles Flakes silently coat No one is inside to speak or turn the key The snow coats the ground with a mute “hello” And brings aRead more