Feathered Ghost

In a walk with the neighbors Tuesday night we came upon an eerie sight An owl, perched precariously on the end of a light post Looking a bit like a small feathered ghost Waiting for the movement of its meal of which his hunger would steal Watch out little bunny and squirrel! His claws around you, they shall curl Up, up and away he will stealthily climb To take you to the hiding place where he dines We approached to his menacing stareRead more

Fluffy Feathers

Natasha, Red and I chose our costumes Sunday afternoon. We are thoroughly excited to play dress-up and prance and dance for All Hallows’ Eve. What will I be? What about the other two babes? Will we harmonize? Here are a few clues… Yes, we will be incognito. I may wear very opaque black stockings under a somewhat short dress. Natasha and Red won’t need very opaque black stockings. (They will sport their cleavage.) There may be additional feathers. Fluffy, colorfulRead more