Faces of Gray

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge asks us to show FACES. The first face I thought of was my mom. I recently published a post called Smiling Mom if you’d like to take a peek. I chose not to reblog the post or reuse the photo. The second and third faces that came to mind were my two furry kids, Gibbs and Ziva. The image of their adorable faces are forever solidified in my mind and in my heart. If youRead more

Punctual Faces

A co-worker and I exchanged texts recently: K: Hi Mary, I’m staying home today…I have laryngitis. Me: Feel better and quit yelling at your husband! K: Yeah, now I have to use poster board and markers to yell at him! Me: Use capital letters and lots of exclamation marks!!! Oddly enough, I didn’t reply with a face B-) That’s unusual 😮 But I did punctuate!!! I’m a serial face maker and punctuat*r I can’t help myself… Know what I mean?Read more