Extra! Extra! Hijinks in a Basket!

Cat has More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys! Thursday, November 9, 2017 It was reported by an unknown source that feline Gibbs, owner of Mary J Melange, took to a laundry basket for several minutes, on a recent Thursday afternoon, to extol the virtues of hijinks and having fun. An excessive amount of rolling around and cat gurgling ensued without the benefit of human encouragement or catnip. Gibbs only used his feline ways and the fire that stoked hisRead more

Extra Pillow?

The pillows were supposed to keep her off the couch. Instead, she has joined them. The others, the soft ones, will be lonely no more. She comforts the teals and the browns, as human stands ready with the lint roller. An extra pillow? Indeed!Read more