Ashley: The Birth of Winter

Winter was born in Wisconsin overnight. Labor began on Monday with howling, gusting northeast winds. The feet came out mid afternoon. Yes, I said feet. Considering how the weather has been during late fall (which we usually call winter), it’s only natural that there is a breech birth. Natasha equates this to a C-section, because Dude Winter didn’t want to come out and play. We went from a dusting of snowfall through December 27th to a blizzard called Ashley that leftRead more

The Universe of Big Glasses

You do not have the right to access data in this universe. This is a message I received when trying to access report information in a web-based program at work. Hmmm…I wonder what they mean by “in this universe”? Is there an alternate universe? Do I need to go there to run a report? Will I understand the alien data in the alternate universe? Do I require the assistance of a tardis or warp drive or an IT guru? HowRead more

The Epic Snow of my Youth

When I was pre-teen, in the late 60’s, we had a couple of winters in Wisconsin with lots of snow. Here we are in 1969. This was the house across the street. Do you see the snowbank at the end of the driveway? My brother and I used to dig a cave or tunnel in them and the parents let us. How safe was that? Of course, we also used to accept caramel apples when we went trick or treating atRead more