#SoCS: The Days, Weeks, Month, Year of Unbelievable.

I distinctly remember the day that I packed up a laptop, numerous files, office supplies, and anything else I could think of in a rush of adrenaline. It was March 24, 2020, and I had been told I would be working from home until further notice. The offices were closing to the public and minimal staffing across our department had to be scheduled and organized. Covid-19 was on the move across America. For at least three weeks prior, we hadRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

As I pulled out of the garage early this morning, and gently applied the breaks, I heard what sounded like a marble rollling around on the roof of my vehicle. What the heck? The vehicle went into park. I placed my foot on the driver’s side floor and hoisted myself up to see what was causing the noise. What the heck? There was the screw. Laying on the roof. I had to stop and think about how this screw gotRead more