I Remember . . . The House

Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember Set a countdown timer for 10 minutes, choose one of the writing prompts below, and just start writing. Whatever you do, don’t stop for ten minutes. Keep your fingers typing. Write what you remember. It need not be accurate — it’s your memory. Do not judge. You got this.  Your earliest memory. Capture every detail. Write for 10 minutes. Go. It was an older, two-story house on a prominent corner. She was three or four. She could see the neonRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

As I pulled out of the garage early this morning, and gently applied the breaks, I heard what sounded like a marble rollling around on the roof of my vehicle. What the heck? The vehicle went into park. I placed my foot on the driver’s side floor and hoisted myself up to see what was causing the noise. What the heck? There was the screw. Laying on the roof. I had to stop and think about how this screw gotRead more