Talkin’ Food

He’s a talker, that one. I wish I knew what he was saying. He wants something. Perhaps love. Perhaps prey. Or perhaps nothing but to hear the sound of his own plea. Food, human, food! Don’t you understand? He yowls, that one. I wish I knew what it meant. Is he scolding someone? For the bane of winter enclosed? For lack of a thousand cat toys? Or maybe nothing but to admire the sound of his own majesty. Food, human,Read more

Bad Mom!

Gibbs was not pleased. I didn’t fill his dish with kibble at the appointed hour. Time slipped away this afternoon. Laundry, projects, and errands filled the minutes. Natasha heard the cries and asked if the kids had eaten dinner. Ummmm…nooooo… Ooopsie. Bad mom.  Read more