Benched Contemplation

“Seated here in contemplations lost, my thought discovers vaster space beyond, supernal silence and unfathomed peace.”  ~Giacomo Leopardi~ The brother was home this past weekend. While we always find a craft beer or two during a visit, those visits always come with walking. Walking a county or state trail, walking downtown Appleton after a meal, walking in brewery tour, or walking through botanical gardens. (Someone has a hard time sitting for too long.) This past Saturday, we made the driveRead more

When it’s this nice…

When it’s this blue… I must. When it’s this green… I shall. When the tunnels beckon… I go forth. When water brings peace… I breathe. When life tries to throw me… I stop and rest. When it’s this nice… See you later, alligator. (Wiouwash State Trail and Black Otter Lake – July 7, 2018)Read more

Critter Contemplation

Have you ever wondered what your cat, dog, pot-bellied pig, or hamster is contemplating when they stare off into space? Are they thinking about their next meal? Are they making plans to escape from their humans? Are they working up a poo? I often wonder what my critters are thinking in their furry heads. Do they have complicated thoughts or single-minded contemplations? How do their wheels turn? For Ziva, I can guess that she thinks about food, finding a warm blanket,Read more