SoCS: Precious

Precious Is the congregation of people under a church’s steeple in a mosque praying in a temple Precious Are the poor and meek and technology geek daughters of the rich sons of middle class Precious Multi-colored range of hues those whose boundaries refuse to hate the hateful or exist with intolerance Precious Righteous sinners lottery winners the far-flung right and the liberal left Precious Moms, dads, sisters, brothers grandpa, grandma, plenty of others family and friends acquaintances, neighbors Precious WisdomRead more

Three a.m. Lack of Clever

I’ve been up since 3 am and have no idea why. Between that time and 5:06 am, when the alarm first makes its obnoxious call to rise, I tossed and turned…with a purring/snoring cat snuggling close on one side and the other feline vying for attention with a couple of tramples across the head. In between, mixed thoughts of the past week ran around in the partitions of the brain, having a good old time. Partay! I had full intentionsRead more