#WATWB: Reparation in Evanston

Addressing and eliminating systemic racism in America has been a constant struggle for over a century and it feels that in the last year, we’ve taken a step backward while realizing the pervasiveness of racial bigotry that still exists in this country. However, there is always hope in the future. It is the Evanston, Illinois, City Council which gives this suburb of Chicago faith in action. Reparation is a positive step for the city and as it states in theRead more

Ratty Sweaters

She comes to me from a world beyond In dark, smirking comedy A reminder of a time that is past A black sweater shall not be her remedy I am my mother’s daughter it seems. I hang onto clothes that are comfortable, no matter the condition. The clothes that envelope me in warmth and security, like a blanket in the hands of Linus and the black sweater my mom hung onto in her nineties. It took me over 20 yearsRead more

A Trekkie’s Tale

“Live long and prosper” ~Spock~ And we all say… “Peace and long life!” Some of you knew this was coming. I announced at the beginning of September that as part of a month-long birthday celebration, Natasha and I would be attending a Star Trek Convention in Chicago on the 15th. We went, we saw, we laughed (a lot) and we bought a T-shirt. Here are the details: The Tickets Tickets for a Star Trek convention can be very pricey. ThereRead more

SoCS: The Big Uh-Oh Birthday

It is my birthday month A September baby I am I have a sneaking hunch That I will soon be on the lam I cannot let this one pass by Without a celebratory note About my age I will not lie I’m old enough to vote It’s a banner year, this one Another decade older Which deserves lots of fun And a girl embracing bolder A weekend in Door County is planned For friends, shopping and wine Where laughing isRead more

What I Did During Summer Vacation

Do you remember standing in front of the class during grade school or high school so that others might know what you did with your summer vacation? I don’t remember exactly how often this occurred in my world or in what grade(s), but I know I recounted the summer adventures of an adolescent at least once or twice. Our family took a road-trip vacation almost every summer, so I would have had something worthy to talk about – although, IRead more

The 2013 Chronicles of Melangia

This will not be a 10,000 word event, chronicling every time I went through a closet door and fought a battle, although that might be a tad bit more interesting than reality. You’re already disappointed, I’m sure, but I hope to give you the Reader’s Digest version of the year that was 2013 in the life of a crazy cat lady who wishes she still had the resemblance of the flat and sexy stomach in the picture of my Viking PrincessRead more

A Grand View

We want to see your interpretation of grand, from festive holiday city scenes to the Christmas tree in your living room to other shots that will make our jaws drop. While I believe my Christmas tree IS grand, I’ve chosen a picture from late September and a trip to Chicago for this week’s photo challenge. While I had driven around Chicago many times in the past, I had not walked the streets of Michigan Avenue and the surrounding areas, as an adult,Read more

Chicago Weird

The Pillsbury Dough Boy was called in to help with the design of this Cheesecake Factory. There were rumors he was smoking something whacky at the time. Harry! Tommy! Dick! Sally! . . . . Look! It’s the Big Giant Head! I have an overbite. The fish has an overbite. Coincidence? Thankfully, I don’t have his googly eyes or fins. Pretty, non-working fire hydrant. Good to know in a fire. Is drinking a bitter woman good for you? Doesn’t itRead more

Unplug, Relax

I am headed to Chicago tomorrow for four days of adventure. I am going to celebrate the day I was thrown into this world. I am going to run away from adult responsibility. I am going to shop, eat and explore. There will be absolutely no work involved (unless use of the El Train is considered work). There will be no Facebooking, WordPressing, tweeting or emailing. I will only entertain calls from my mother. I am going to unplug andRead more