SoCS: Neighbors

Have I told you lately that I love my neighbors? I do. I reside in a large apartment complex and my building contains six apartments. With the exception of very new neighbors (it’s the one apartment that’s seen a lot of turnover), everyone else has been hanging out together, helping one another, and becoming friends as we live our separate lives with work and family. It’s an unusual situation for me as I’ve not experienced this type of camaraderie withRead more

What’s Behind Door #3?

It ended with a chair and ottoman, an act of kindness. It began with faith, cemented by the urging of a friend and the kind words of an apartment manager. In between, a few gifts made an appearance, wrapped in a Let’s Make a Deal box and red bow. Natasha and I had been looking for a place to rent starting last fall, but I had just renewed a one-year lease and was hesitant to make a move. We hadRead more

Inside, Outside, Inside

It’s not the water inside the cup that’s a response to this week’s photo challenge. It’s the chair. It’s not the padding inside the chair. It’s the chair. It’s not the snow or the shadow inside the framework of this photo. It’s the chair. The chair belongs inside. Inside the office. Someone took the chair outside on Monday during lunch. The chair needed sun and warmth. It had been inside for five months. Thirty minutes outside was not too muchRead more