The Door from Which I Waited

The door from which I sat on the other side The door from which I waited to be loved The door from where I looked at you All of you with longing green eyes I verbally begged you Please turn the handle of the door and take me home Love me Feed me Rescue me from the green walls and the barrier of wood and glass You kept walking by I kept pleading Then… SHE walked up to the doorRead more

Closing Monday

Monday is almost at a close Good thing, I suppose While not the worst, it wasn’t the best This Monday was a low-life pest From a cat’s paw digging into my face To a livelihood’s quickened pace “Just leave me alone,” was the anthem cry One more email and I shall die I’m sorry, I’m not the Cheers bar Your ridiculous questions go too far While it’s sunny and warm outside At a desk I must begrudgingly reside Reviewing, redacting,Read more


Oh yes, that feels good. Really good! Can I ask you a favor? Lower, please. Just a little lower. Yes, better. That feels better. But I have another favor to ask. Can you go 2 centimeters down and 1.5 centimeters to the right? Ohmigosh, YES! YES! YES! You have it! Two kitty paws up! Okay, I’m done now. Remove your hand.Read more