A Master’s Sweetness

Back on March 15th, I wrote how mom’s KitKat habit switched to a Starlight Mint habit. (The latter is still in full force.) The comments were wonderful, but I had a special back-and-forth with The Master of Something I’ve Yet to Discover, who tried to educate me about TimTams and the war between Crunchies and Violet Crumbles. I got the distinct impression that this is the Australian “Hatfields vs. McCoy” war of candy bars. I relayed to The Master how difficult itRead more

From One Habit to Another

Back in September, I posted that mom had become a KitKat junkie and I was her dealer. She had a bad habit in the eyes of the clean-eating weirdos who eat lacto-fermented foods, drink kefir water and have a salad (organic greens only) every day for lunch. Oh, wait a minute, I guess I’m that weirdo. Anyhow, mom broke her habit today. She handed me the half-eaten bag of KitKats I bought her three weeks ago and declared, “I don’t likeRead more

The Flavor of Green

In 2003, Life Savers ditched the green. I was sad. I loved lime green Life Savers. I’m still sad. Yes, I know you can get the originals on the internet, but that’s not the point. Too little lime green, too much green apple. I don’t like green apple candy. Apparently, neither does anyone else in my office. Leftover Easter jelly beans.  Green apple jelly beans. I threw them away. Give me lime green.Read more