Waiting for a Wheel

Waiting for a surrogate to fill time change present tense   Waiting for revision of adult lines drawn dissolved in child’s sandbox   Waiting for about-face pivoting in unison toward the ethical sun   Waiting for diversity melting pot culture inclusive, welcoming   Waiting for reconstruction of harsh society into tranquil faith   Waiting for a wheel to turn down gravel path of communal restoration   Waiting for metamorphosis butterfly dancing world God, make it so    Read more

Chad’s Imagination

Artist Chad Brady has a huge imagination with winged murals in downtown Appleton. According to the city’s Public Art Map, there are 11 murals (along with painted traffic control boxes, sculpture and sidewalk poetry) in the downtown College Avenue area, discreetly waiting to be found. I came across a newer mural on Saturday as I hurried to the Farmer’s Market. The year before, the walls on this side street were completely bare. This year…butterflies! So many pretty butterflies! Chad has completedRead more


Frank opened his wings, looked skyward, and flew above the milkweeds. Transformed from larva into the beauty of a Monarch, he had returned to the home of his youth. Freedom glistened on orange, white and black as Frank sensed a trip of epic proportions was about to commence.  The filaments on his head twittered and in an instant, Frank was headed to Mexico. The story begins innocently, an empty lot filled with milkweed. Years ago, a mother and her youngRead more