Broken Light

He looks into the broken light. In search of full sun. “Those damn blinds,” he moans. They are not much fun. The plastic, rectangular pieces create broken, rectangular rays. He is not the least bit amused. “Please raise the blinds,” he prays. Mistress whips out her camera and pays no heed. What a beautiful day, beautiful boy. “Raise the blinds you say? There is no need.” He looks again into the broken light, knowing she is about to depart. “Those damnRead more

Over-Stimulated and Fixated

So says Harry, the product of Appleton, WI. And so believes Mr. Gibbs. Living at his former apartment, Gibbs was stimulated to some degree by the outside. He and Ziva loved to sit on the patio and take in the sights and sounds of summer. Not much to look at, though…the building and dog across the driveway, birds off in the distance, perhaps a few, small, four-legged critters below…nothing to overly excite.  It was a peacefully entertaining location. That hasRead more