Gravy Goes With Everything

My earliest memory of Pauline was of her standing on top of a chair, screaming as a mouse ran across the floor. This would not have been the usual, stoic, keep-it-together mom that was obvious to me later in life. I do not remember other episodes of this woman being hysterical, losing it to furry critters or when life was a bit topsy-turvey. I seldom saw my mother sweat, but perhaps growing up the youngest girl in a family ofRead more

Don’t Stop Your Shopping!

For this week’s (Weekly Writing) Challenge, let’s celebrate and use the online tools we have. The one requirement is to include at least three elements: 1) Text, 2) A minimum of one image, 3) A third media component. This is a holiday dedication to my all-time favorite rock band and shopping. If you’d like musical accompaniment to sing along to this post, click on the link. (Thanks to my friend Natasha for her assistance with this post.) Just a small town girl Shopping at Wally WorldRead more