Blue Skies, Wind and Stink

“In the vast emptiness of the blue, my soul rejoices listening to the soundless music of the wind.” ― Banani Ray I spent another afternoon last week at Heckrodt Preserve, getting in a daily walk and, as my mother used to say, “blowing the stink off.” I thought that always a strange thing to say since long walks tend to make me hot, sweaty and possibly stinky. I have found joy at Heckrodt on these sunshine, blue-sky days, taking in midRead more

First World Problems

D Here I am with first world problems and woe I ran out of waffles the air conditioner died the cat puked on the bed it’s raining Netflix is not working How sad for me There they are with third world problems and woe They have little food, poverty the roof of a tiny shack leaks the noise of gunfire and bombs fill the air disease cuts through life eyes glaze, bereft of hope Here I am with first worldRead more

Rubber-Meets-Road Joy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Show us Joy Mamma got herself a new set of tires today. The old ones had seen their better days and were causing slippery, sliding stress in the snow. I feel better now. I feel joy. Interested in more joy? Click here.Read more

Taking a hammer to it…

On Saturday, I couldn’t get my car started. I kept turning the key and it kept going “click, click, click…click, click, click…click, click, click”. Mr. Triple A was called. Mr. Triple A and his jumper cables were no help. Mr. Tow Truck Guy was then called. Just like Mr. Triple A, TTG was unsuccessful in getting my car started with his battery meter jumper thingie (that’s Mary tech speak). At one point, he walked back to his tow truck and pulledRead more