#SoCS: Cleaning the Sty

Recently, Gibbs had few “sneezy” days and he lost his lunch a couple of times. Perhaps that’s normal, once-in-awhile cat behavior or perhaps it’s a sign of illness. In this case, my current supposition is that Gibbs was surrounded by too much dust and cat hair. It was evident when I started deep cleaning the bedroom and bathroom sty last weekend. Most often, I try to clean these spaces every two weeks, but this time it was three. I hadRead more

The Quest

I had an idea. Well, actually, Natasha and I had an idea: Let’s share an apartment/flat/duplex/something! What were we thinking? Hmmmmm….. Oh yeah – we thought we would save on rent and utilities; go for walks without having to drive to each other’s place; engage in mini Iron Chef nights; have Star Trek and NCIS marathons; engage in discussions about cat hair; and sit on the patio on a hot summer’s night, watching the flowers grow.   It’s tiring, though. I finally hadRead more

Benching Myself

I’m feeling a little lopsided. It’s the crush of too much fun all at once… like learning lines (Pardon? Oh yes, smashing!); squeezing in pool time and yoga, and learning lines (For heaven’s sake, someone stop her!); an expected visit from brother, which means severe house cleaning and ridding the couch of cat hair, and learning lines (Darling, whatever did you do?), and there’s the job and looking for an apartment, and learning lines (Well, whatever you do, don’t makeRead more

Melange Stew: Slightly Sweet, a Bit Nutty

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of You This week, we want a window into the complexity that is you. We want your best recipes. We want the recipe for all the bits and pieces and quirks and foibles and loves that make you you. The Stew is best made on a Saturday, with nothing much to do. Tangibles (Touchy, Feely Stuff): 1 – Bottle of Wine 1 – Carafe of Coffee 6 – Gluten-Free Cookies or 6 pieces of 80% dark chocolate orRead more

Gibbs, where are you?

Staycation Part 2 officially begins now. I have no more carpets to clean, no more pictures to dust, no more floors to mop, no more burdens to bear. The “stuff” within the walls of my apartment is about as clean as it’s going to get. My wish is that I could cover it all with plastic wrap to keep it from future ravages of dust, dirt and spots of fallen food. I’m holding onto the positive cleanliness rather than theRead more

Told Ya So!

Carpet cleaning is well under way and I will finish by Tuesday morning. In the meantime, I have a present for my readers (I promised). A snake, a duck head, and a little baby duck, swimming back to momma. What? If you’re so smart, what do the cat fur remnants look like to YOU? (Do NOT say Jesus, there is no toast involved in carpet cleaning. Geesh.)Read more

Good News/Bad News

I wasn’t going to start the spring cleaning until Monday. The good news? I got on a roll this afternoon. My early start may have had something to do with coffee and chocolate…too much of it. (That will only be bad news if I’m still wired up when I want to go to bed.) The vacuum and steam cleaner came out of the closet and I started to find homes for everything in the extra bedroom, a/k/a the cat room,Read more