#SoCS: Random Questions from the Heart

In today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, Linda Hill asks that participating bloggers use the word “heart” in their post. Naturally, I assume Linda is thinking about Valentine’s Day, coming up this Tuesday.

I don’t celebrate the holiday because A) I am single and B) have a healthy supply of chocolate that makes every day Valentine’s Day.

That being said, I am at a loss what to write about today because A) I don’t want to write anything mushy about feelings from the heart and B) Meh.

So, I’m simply going to throw out random questions today that might come from the heart and serious observations.

First up: Can anyone tell me why directors of government agencies on TV have a bar in their office, drink during work hours and don’t get fired? Does this ever happen in the real world?

Why do they make couches/sofas so deep that even a tall person can’t sit in it without his/her feet dangling? Is it supposed to be a couch or a bed to sleep on? Goldilocks has been trying out new ones and is not impressed.

What does a chef mean when he/she says the salad is “under dressed” or “over dressed?” Who’s to say what’s the exact right amount to drizzle on a bed of greens? Some people like a dainty hand and others want their salad to go swimming, so is this subjective or what?

Is it a sin to put cream cheese frosting on your french toast? If yes, someone may be going to hell.

Why does a kitten hunger for her food, her furry housemate’s food and human food? Should she be checked for worms or arrested for stealing a chicken leg and blueberry muffin?

Has anyone ever figured out why the washer and dryer eat socks? Are they related to the kitten?

Why do people get sleepy while reading an exciting novel in the middle of the day?

Why do retired people take afternoon naps and have a hard time getting up from the floor? Asking for a friend…

Will anyone ever invent a stapler that never jams?

Why do we assign labels to people? I especially hate the word “lazy” when it describes people who like to stay in their pajamas all day and take a nap in the afternoon. What’s wrong with that?

Is it spring yet in the northern hemisphere?

Why does spring take forever to get here in the northern hemisphere?

Who will win the Super Bowl on Sunday? Are you one of those people who don’t know what to do with their money and paid almost $25,000 for a ticket to watch football? Or did you buy a big screen TV for a lot less and place it halfway between the well-stocked fridge and bathroom?

Does anyone know what Eli Manning and Terry Bradshaw are singing on the Doritos bus?

What does “from the heart” really mean? Is it about giving blood? Giving of ourselves? Getting mushy?

Does anyone else ramble on about nothing and not know when to stop? Again, asking for a friend…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is the brainchild of author Linda G. Hill. Every Friday, Linda provides her followers with an inspiring blogger’s prompt. It can be a word or words and sometimes bonus points are involved (my favorite). Linda asks us to write without editing, other than correcting spelling errors.

Just go with the flow.

Like a babbling brook or rain drops. Click HERE if this type of writing floats your boat or helps with your decision-making. Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “heart.” Use it any way you like. Have fun!

31 responses to #SoCS: Random Questions from the Heart

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I love your last question. Does anyone ramble on…I know you read my responses to One-Liner Wednesday. Nuff said.

    After a company outing, I was entrusted with the leftover liquor and a large supply of small plastic cups. I think that was because everyone knew I was mainly a beer drinker. I didn’t pour drinks like the people on those shows, but the cups came in handy.

    If you arrest Hoshi, MiMi will post bail.

    At Staples – TRU RED™ One-Touch stapler – seriously. I never thought you could improve the stapler.

    Fun questions, Mary. I guess I’m supposed to root for KC tomorrow (AFC team) but my heart just isn’t in it. Now I wonder what that expression really means.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I love your rambling, Dan! I think everyone does.

      Tell MiMi she is a good kitty for having Hoshi’s back. Hoshi says she will reward MiMi for her help with a chicken leg if MiMi doesn’t ask where the chicken leg came from.

      If I were still working, I would check out the one-touch stapler. The ones we had before I retired gave me gray hairs.

      Regardless of who wins the Super Bowl, I still want to know what Eli Manning is singing. Maybe I should turn on closed caption?

      Have a wonderful weekend, Dan!

      • Dan Antion says:

        If you find out what he’s singing, let me know.

        MiMi never asks where food comes from.

  2. Candy is available here every day, retired people take naps because they got up at 5 a.m., and they can’t get up from the floor, well, because joints just don’t work like they use to. 🙂 I think only retired people still use a stapler, at least that is the thought from the younger generation when they come to borrow mine. We’ll root for the Chiefs because we’re from KC. Go Chiefs.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I don’t get up at 5:00 am, Judy, so I may not have as good an excuse as you. Those early wake times have gone away with retirement, the same with getting up from the floor. I also don’t own a stapler since paper clips seem to work most of the time…and I have no complaints or questions about paper clips.

      I’m on the fence post about the Super Bowl winner, but I’ll root for the Chiefs just for you. Have an awesome weekend, Judy!

  3. Destiny says:

    Love the direction you took the prompt. All totally logical questions 😁please do share when you find the logical answers.✨ Great take 👌

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Thanks Destiny! Not sure I’ll have answers to any of the questions, but have decided not to arrest the chicken leg stealing kitty. She’s just too cute for jail. 😉

  4. dweezer19 says:

    😂😂😂😂 Great existential questions Mary. I agree about the commercialism of Valentine’s Day but I see it as a moment of reprieve for those poor schmucks who have forgotten all the other holidays like birthdays and anniversaries. No, you aren’t lazy. Yes, dryers eat socks, especially baby socks. Your kitty is a ninja thief. I believe anyone can eat whatever they like whenever they like. But I may have to line up with the hellbound after I tell you I generally don’t give a fig about the Superbowl. Sorry Dan. 🫣😶

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Oh, no worries over not caring about the Super Bowl, Cheryl. You care about the things that are most important to you, like being out in nature and photographing the bugs and birds. That’s probably time better spent than on a football game. Except if the Steelers and Packers are playing…right Dan?

      Have a wonderful V-day with your hubby!

  5. rugby843 says:

    A great post and I have a few faves in your questions but the best IMI is the cream cheese frosting…keep up the good work😂

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Thanks for the encouraging words! Next time I make frosting, I’ll have to save some for french toast. Yum.

  6. catladymac says:

    Erma Bombeck always told her family their missing socks had gone to live with Jesus.

  7. murisopsis says:

    Hehe! I had to chortle through your questions. I would eat cream cheese frosting on French toast but I’m a simple person so I just use butter and powdered sugar!

  8. Ally Bean says:

    THIS is a good attitude: no need for anyone else to make fuss over you when you “have a healthy supply of chocolate that makes every day Valentine’s Day.” [I hope this comment wasn’t too mushy.]

    • bikerchick57 says:

      A friend of mine brought chocolate cupcakes to game night yesterday, so I am truly set for the week. And you were not even close to mushy…lol!

  9. JoAnna says:

    What a great way to respond to the SoCS prompt! Retired people take afternoon naps because WE CAN! Getting up from the floor is not that hard. It just takes a lot more time than it used to. Labels are stupid. The only reason I don’t need to stay in my PJs all day is that I almost always wear stretchy, comfy clothes. I didn’t even know who was playing in the Super Bowl and cannot fathom paying $25,000 to watch it. Way better things to do with money.

  10. Has anyone ever figured out why the washer and dryer eat socks?

    This question is the highlight of my day today. I seem to have a packet full of widowed socks. I’m planning to use them to shine my mirrors. Sigh.

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