#SoCS: The Fly

“What, are you catching flies?” she asked as I watched TV.

I responded with a shrug.

“Close your mouth,” she then scolded me.

I suppose, to avoid a flying bug.

But it happens again, I cannot deny

The fleshy portal opens sure and slow

I watch an episode of Olive and Popeye

And give mother’s orders an innocent blow

She glares at me and I once again comply

Although an overbite says otherwise

Honestly, I try and try and try

To sit closed-mouth and not over-agonize

I finally give up and go to bed

Where I can hold the mouth open and drool

I dream of butterflies and Crayola red

While The Fly finds a way to be cruel

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday is the brainchild of author Linda G. Hill. Every Friday, Linda provides her followers with an inspiring blogger’s prompt. It can be a word or words and sometimes bonus points are involved (my favorite). Linda asks us to write without editing, other than correcting spelling errors.

Just go with the flow.

Like a babbling brook or rain drops. Click HERE if this type of writing floats your boat or helps with your decision-making. Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “a phrase you grew up with.” Include in your post a phrase your mom/dad/grandparent/sibling used all the time when you were growing up, or just write whatever inspires you based on that phrase. Enjoy!

23 responses to #SoCS: The Fly

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Thanks, Dan. I heard that phrase from my mom more times than I can count. In reality, it took until the motorcycle days to end up with a bug in my mouth. Yuck!

  1. JoAnna says:

    Cute prompt response! How often do we really catch flies that way? Unless we are frogs. (still streaming)

    • bikerchick57 says:

      If you read my comment to Dan, I ate a few bugs (unwillingly) during my motorcycle days. They definitely do not taste good!

  2. This was a fun one. Well done on a poem. Unfortunately one is forced when running to mouth breathe and like you on your motorcycle I’ve eaten my share of bugs so it can be true.

  3. murisopsis says:

    Hehe! I have tasted a fly as a child – my mother would give me 2 raisins as a treat. I thought I saw a dropped raisin in the window sill. It was a fly. I put it in my mouth and immediately spit it out shuddering. My mother would say, “Close your mouth, we aren’t at the dentist!”

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Ewww. You must have thought about that fly for awhile every time you ate a raisin. And never picked up anything off the windowsill again. Ewww.

  4. I heard that a lot growing up too! I don’t know that I ever caught a fly, but I did catch a bee while riding a bike. Trust me, a fly would’ve been less painful. 🙂 Has Gibbs ever tried to paw at your mouth while you’re sleeping? 🤔

    • bikerchick57 says:

      No, Gibbs doesn’t paw at my mouth. But if I get up during the night, he wants attention and is incessant about it. Maybe then it would be good for him to have a fly to chase. 😉😄

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