Blessings and Boxing Day

“Hey buddy, what are you doing?”

“What do you mean what am I doing?” Can’t you see I’m requesting a belly rub through trust and the lure of cuteness.”

“Well, you certainly are adorable, Gibbs. A lover, not a fighter.”

“I don’t fight, I play. And sleep. And kindly request food. And let you loudly know when I left something in the litter box.”

“Yeah, that last one. You are a blessing to me, buddy, but I don’t need that last one.”

“Whatever…what’s a blessing?”

“A blessing is a beneficial thing or being that someone is grateful for; something that brings well-being; or a prayer asking for God’s favor and protection. You, Mr. Gibbs, are a being I am grateful for.”

“Oh, mom, that’s really nice of you to say. I think sometimes you don’t like me. You know, when you yell.”

“That’s only because you’re being naughty and it makes me a little mad. I yell to get your attention, that’s all. I have never not liked you.”

“Well, that’s good to know. I really love being here and sharing my house with you.”

“Very funny, Gibbs.”


So, mom, what other blessings do you have?”

“Too many to count, I think. I am blessed with family, friends, church community, current financial security, a roof over our heads, food in our mouths…”

“Yeah, food. Is it time for food yet?”


Focus, buddy.”

“It’s hard to focus when I’m starving.”

“You’re not starving, you’re on a diet. You need to lose a couple of pounds that I blessed upon you.”

“That sucks.”

“Maybe, but you have many blessings too, Gibbs. You live in a nice apartment with lots of windows; birds outside the windows; a bed, two cat trees and a couch to sleep on; a ton of toys; heat in the winter; food on your plate…”

“Mom, why do you keep mentioning food when I’m hungry? I thought you liked me?”

“I do like you. Don’t worry, buddy, I’ll be joining you soon in trying to lose a few pounds. I overdid it a bit over the summer and this last vacation. And then I baked cookies, which is never a good thing when I have a bunch of them in the freezer.”

“Are cookies a blessing?”

“They can be. I bake them so they are a blessing and a yummy treat for others. Tis the season to be merry and eat sugar.”

“Eat. When did you say that would happen again…for me?”

“I didn’t. Maybe you should take a cat nap and try not to think about food time.”


What else do you count as a blessing?

“My health. Being upright and breathing. Not being sick with Covid, the flu or a cold.”

“What’s Covid?”

“You don’t want to know, Gibbs. That has been the extreme opposite of a blessing.”

“Oh, then nevermind.”

“Thanks, I’d rather talk about something else. Like how it’s the season when people celebrate holidays such as Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and Boxing Day.”

“Boxing Day? Isn’t that fighting?”

“Ha! No, buddy. It’s a holiday celebrated on December 26th in countries around the world – Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. The origin of the name varies, with some believing it derived from the opening of alms boxes that had been placed in churches for the collection of donations to aid the poor. Others have held that it came from the boxes of gifts given to employees on the day after Christmas.”

“Do we celebrate Boxing Day? I love boxes!”

“No, we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. That is a blessing to Christians around the world because Jesus eventually gives us all grace and forgiveness of sin.”

“That sounds pretty heavy. Is that why you have a tree with lights on it in our house? Does that represent this Jesus guy? Does he give out boxes?”

“Sort of, Gibbs, but ‘no’ on the boxes. The blessing of Christmas starts with Jesus, but includes the tree and lights, holiday music, gathering with friends and family, a few presents, and a sense of goodwill and peace that helps northerners get through the cold of January and February.”

“Don’t forget the cookies!”

“Yes, but I don’t think Jesus’s parents were concerned with cookies when he was born.”

“They should have been. It’s food.”

“Yikes, buddy, you have a one-track mind. You know, accounts have it that Jesus was born in an animal stable with no heat and it probably smelled funny. His mom and dad, Mary and Joseph, probably had food to eat, but nothing like what we have these days on our table during the holidays. I think we might be gluttons in comparison and that is a blessing that most of us ought to be grateful for.”

“I don’t know what gluttons are, but I might want to be one. Is it time yet?”

“Almost, Gibbs. In a few minutes. First, we have to make sure we have counted our blessings and end this post.”

“I can’t think of any other blessings at the moment.”

“Think harder.”

“Maybe snuggling up with you at night, on the couch. I feel safe and happy then.”

“That’s a good one. I like that too, but I am also blessed with knowing that I can leave for two and a half weeks, you’ll be well taken care of and still here when I get back.”

“Don’t ever do that again. Not ever.”

“I’ll hold off on the lengthy vacations for awhile so I can bless you with my presence.”

“Thanks, mom. Now, really, can you bless me with some food? Please?”

“Okay, Gibbs, but one more thing.”


“You should feel blessed I have two hands with two opposable thumbs.”

12 responses to Blessings and Boxing Day

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I love this conversation, Mary (and Gibbs). We should all focus on the blessings we have, which, for many of us, are too many to count. I like the way Gibbs is trying to keep you focused on his dinner plate. He is adorable and you are a blessing to him and to us. I like it when you gently remind us of how lucky we are and for the most important blessing we share. I hope you enjoy this week and this season. Have a cookie with your coffee and feed Gibbs.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Gibbs is either focused on dinner or his favorite toy or sleep these days. A typical cat, right?

      I feel truly blessed, Dan. Life is never perfect, but I have so much to be grateful for in the here and now. I was talking about this yesterday with a friend – when we think our personal circumstances are bad, there’s always some in a worse situation. So, I can’t complain about anything at this point, and neither Gibbs and I will, unless we are out of cookies and food. πŸ˜‰

      Have an awesome day and week, Dan, and enjoy the blessings of the season.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I’ve put way too many blessings in my mouth, Judy. It’s why I don’t make cookies often the rest of the year.

  2. murisopsis says:

    Hehe! Gibbs slays me! I had a cat, Fida, who was an expert in getting food – was able to lift up a 5 pound cast aluminum kettle, and remove a 10 pound ham from beneath it. The Houdini part was that the ham was in the kitchen sink and the kettle over it!! He dragged it onto the floor and ate about a quarter of it.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Oh boy, Fida was a very clever, strong, hungry and naughty boy. I can’t imagine a cat being able to lift a kettle and then drag a ham onto the floor. I bet you were mad, although it gave you an amusing story to tell later.

  3. JoAnna says:

    What a wonderfully sweet conversation. I never heard of a cat telling you when he or she left something in the litter box for you. That’s pretty cool.

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