Devour the Kibble!

Have you ever bent over your food and devoured it with gusto and without thought because you were simply ravenous?

Gibbs the cat devours his food as if it were his last meal.

He claims in “meows” that it’s past time to eat because he has been wasting away to nothing. To nothing…skin and bones.

The evil human makes him wait too long, but once the food is upon him, he eats – sometimes wolfing it down in mere minutes, sometimes leaving morsels for later, never sticking his nose up at what is offered.

Like a good, starving kitty.

Today’s post is in response to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: This week our topic is Needs to have the letters O and U in the word (focus, outside, lotus, you, house, mouse, tofu) (I might have stretched the prompt this week by using a verb instead of a noun). Check out this weekly challenge and others by clicking HERE.

20 responses to Devour the Kibble!

      • Dan Antion says:

        Can you guys make room for MuMu? I can send her ahead of time to either one of you. 5:15 am is a good time to initiate transport. Hopefully you have a few brushes.

      • bikerchick57 says:

        Ha! I do have brushes, but I only get up at 5:00 to throw kibble in a bowl and go back to bed. Can MuMu wait another couple of hours for her brushing?

      • Dan Antion says:

        No. She has demanded to be brushed as late as 11:30 pm and as early as 3:30 am. She sits outside the bedroom door and screams. Get up, brush MuMu, Visit the bathroom (cuz’ you’re up) and go back to bed.

  1. murisopsis says:

    My cats were never picky thus had to be put on diets! Kibble left in the bowl just never happened – they were piggy kitties!

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