SoCS: What’s New Pussycat?

For this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, blogger Linda Hill gave us our marching orders:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “song.” First, find a picture–the closest one to you. Your prompt is the title and/or the lyrics of the first song that comes to mind when you look at the picture. Have fun!”

I’m still working at home, in my bedroom, with a fairly small work space. However, I manage to find space for my coffee cup, a desk calendar and a daily devotional to the right of me – items I touch or look at every day. They all have one thing in common:

The coffee cup is a crazy cat lady mug. Surprise!

The desk calendar is a daily cat calendar. Are you catching the theme here?

The devotional includes daily 3-minute stories based on what else but cats and correlating scripture.

I couldn’t escape the pictures or the first thought in my head…what’s new pussycat?

Well, not much new on the home or work front. It’s a similar routine Monday through Friday. I get up around 6:00 am, try to make myself presentable for no one and fire up the computer. Work begins. I have tea. I eat breakfast. I have the TV softly drowning out the snoring cat and humming air conditioner. I keep working, taking breaks for lunch and snacks and the demands of the hungry cats until it’s time to quit.

Weekends are just as exciting. I make early morning masked trips to one grocery store and order online from another. There’s laundry and apartment cleaning and hoping that I can get out for a ride on the bike. We’ve had an awful stretch of very hot weather, so I walk early mornings instead. Sometimes I cook things, but I hate cooking during the summer. No desire. Eat a lot of salads and wraps and things I can pop in the microwave. Maybe I’m just lazy…

In between, I’ve been reading historical/factual books on racism in this country (the more you know…) and have been saddened and embarrassed by what has transpired here for hundreds of years in the treatment of African Americans. I’m currently reading a book that’s over 500 pages, so I may have to pick up some mindless fiction afterward to clear my head.

At night, roommate Natasha and I have been finding engaging TV series on Netflix – Hell on Wheels, Designated Survivor and Turn. Our favorite thus far has been Hell on Wheels, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Violent and graphic, but the characters and story made us want to keep watching. The main character was played by a bearded Anson Mount, who is the new Christopher Pike on Star Trek Discovery. We were a little sad when the fifth and last season came to a close, although glad that a very bad character finally met his demise.

We also watched Hamilton on the Disney Channel last weekend. It was a filmed performance from a few years ago. I finally understood what the hype was all about. The characters and cast, music, lyrics, choreography and story were most excellent. I would like to watch it again, but with close captioning so I can catch all of the words from some of the fast-moving rap songs.

That’s what’s new pussycat. Not a whole lot, but what would you expect? I’m still not going to restaurants or bars or church or anywhere else that may not keep me in good health. This is the life of a COVID homebody – I socialize over the phone and on Facebook and waving to the neighbors from six feet away.

Next up: Reading blog posts, brushing the cats and humming along to Tom Jones.

Have a most excellent weekend, whatever you decide to do.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is the brainchild of author Linda G. Hill. Every Friday, Linda provides her followers with an inspiring blogger’s prompt. It can be a word or words and sometimes bonus points are involved (my favorite). Linda asks us to write without editing, other than correcting spelling errors.

Just go with the flow.

Like a babbling brook or rain drops. Click HERE if this type of writing floats your boat or helps with your decision-making. Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “song.” 

43 responses to SoCS: What’s New Pussycat?

  1. murisopsis says:

    I used to be a cat person. Then I married an allergic man, had 2 children of which one was terrible allergic… so no cats here. But I still remember my best cat in the world and the way he would run to greet me when I got home.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Many years ago, I had a cat that would be at the window when I was done with work and like yours, would be waiting by the door when I walked in. Like clockwork. The feline species can be just as dedicated to its human as a dog.

  2. Dan Antion says:

    If told by Gibbs and Ziva, “mom stays here and tends to our every need. It’s perfection.” 🙂

    This year is hard to judge, Mary. I’m sure you appreciate being able to work at home, but it must be hard to separate work from home. The violence in our country, perhaps long overdue, adds to the stress – I am impressed that you have chosen to learn more about its roots. The heat is the icing on this horrible cake. It’s so hard to deal with. We didn’t need one more reason to stay inside.

    I hope something breaks this pattern. I hope you get a few cool days for rides by the lake and a few bits of good news. I think we all need that.

    Take care. Stay safe. Feed the cats 😏

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Not to worry, Dan, the kids have been fed and are resting comfortably in the morning sun. It’s going to be a little cooler today – in the 80’s – so I may have that opportunity for a ride and perhaps sleeping with the windows open tonight.

      These are strange and trying times, to say the least Dan. I don’t like to wish time away, but I find myself praying for the next year to go by fast and that the country is recovering from the malady it is in.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend with the Editor and the fur kids. Stay cool and well!

  3. ivor20 says:

    Haha… our football club(Australian Rules) here in Geelong is called the “Geelong Cats”….

  4. I have always been a person who wanted a routine, but I’m guessing a lot of people have routines now and still I can barely tell one day from the other. I guess it’s not really a problem because I’m not going anywhere except for essentials anyway. 🙂 I worked out of my bedroom at home many years back after having a tough surgery. There was only one problem, I’d lay down in bed and all I could think about was what I had to do for work. I ended up having to move everything to another room in order to get some sleep. 🙂 Hell on Wheels is a great series. I’ve watched the entire series, and Anson Mount doesn’t exactly hurt the eyes even in his grubby outfits. 🙂 I have some painting and staining to do, but I can’t even do that until the unbelievably high humidity drops. I’m definitely not reading anything to do with current events as my mind is already overwhelmed by the news and what I read online. I just finished a David Baldacci book and am reading Paul Dorion right now to escape. If you were up here, you’d be walking because the humidity is 93% here right now at 7:30 a.m. Have a good weekend and continue to stay well. 🙂

    • bikerchick57 says:

      The humidity and dew point is better here this morning and is supposed to stay down for another day, but still highs in the 80’s. I should get up now and go for a walk or bike ride, but I tend to want to relax and read on my Saturday mornings…before I find other things to fill my time.

      Working from home has been quite interesting. I do miss the people I used to see every day, the chatter, the office potlucks and my large desk, but I also appreciate sleeping a little longer and working in casual clothes. There’s good and bad in this, but I keep trying to focus on the good.

      Yes, Anson Mount is not hard to look at, but after I watched his scraggly self in HoW, then went back to his clean-shaven Star Trek role, it was very odd. I kind of wanted the beard back. Lol.

      Have a wonderful Saturday, Judy. Stay cool and enjoy your books.

  5. Dee says:

    My childhood was all about cats. I have raised around 100 cats and they are my best memories.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      That’s great, Dee. I did not have pets growing up (mom did not want critters in the house), but made up for it as an adult. Not as many cats as you, but they have been in my life for at least 40 years. All adopted, all with their own unique and lovable personalities.

  6. Maggie says:

    I miss having cats. I love their independent but snuggly and don’t touch me attitude.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Oh Maggie, I do have a snuggly touch-me-not in Ziva, but then Gibbs makes up for it by letting me rub his belly and hold him like a baby. Both so cute, both so different.

  7. dweezer19 says:

    Kitty love is very rewarding. Second time this week this song appeared in blogs I follow. Have a great weekend Mary.

  8. JoAnna says:

    What a fun song! I’m with you on not wanting to cook in the summer. It’s 90 degrees here and we don’t have central air. We are not lazy. Chopping salad stuff can be a lot of work. I’m making gazpacho tomorrow. I finally got CBS all access and looking forward to ST Discovery after Picard.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I’m glad to hear I have a comrade not cooking in the summer. Waiting for tomato season so I can have a tomato and honey biscuit. 🙂

      The first season of Discovery is a bit dark, but necessary to follow the story into season 2, which I found very engaging. I’m anxious now for season 3, which will prove interesting.

      • JoAnna says:

        Thanks for the warning about season 1 being a bit dark. Good to know it’s important for the story.

  9. I feel like I am doing a lot more grocery shopping, cooking, and washing dishes since this ‘stay at home’ life began. And I don’t know why that is because we didn’t go out to restaurants that much. I am inside a lot as well but I can go in my yard.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I have done a lot more shopping online and it does seem as though I buy more than pre-COVID times. I feel like my dad , the former grocery store manager, who always liked to buy quantity and had a little mini store in the basement pantry.

  10. Woah..ah..oh…oh..oh…oh….

    I am glad you are keeping yourself safe. I worry for you with the news out of the USA.

    With you on Hamilton. Just watched it with Sons 1&2 yesterday. Son 2 had obviously been listening to the soundtrack for a while because he liked to sing along with some of the songs. And I too would like to watch it with the captions again. Although, Son 1 came in late so we went back to watch the first 20 minutes and I could pick up more than the first time so you may find just repeat viewing will reveal more.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and listen to the Hamilton soundtrack so I can remove Tom Jones from my head…

    • bikerchick57 says:

      What’s wrong with Tom woah woah woah Jones?

      If I could ask you to pray for our country’s health and sanity..I am beyond anxious about the outcome of our election in November. We need someone to lead us out of this mess.

      Yes, I am staying safe or trying to. So what else is new with you? Running in the winter?

      • He’s okay but not my favourite. Certainly not haunting my dreams.
        I will. I’ve become almost obsessive about checking the news from the USA each day, increasingly horrified. Such a mess.

        Trying to run. Not inspired in the chilly weather (anything under 15C is too cold in my book) but getting out when I can. Mainly so I have an excuse to eat chocolate. Otherwise, we are all well. Melbourne, just up the road, has gone back into lockdown for 6 weeks but we are so far excluded thankfully. Interesting that it only takes a spike of about 280 cases across the state to make us go back into lockdown but states in the US can have 10,000 cases and go on their merry way. Makes me grateful to live where there is sensible government.

        Thinking of you and praying for you. xxx

      • bikerchick57 says:

        Thanks Heather. Never did I think we would have a narcissistic bully as President and the political minions and people that still support his horrid ways. It’s surreal at times.

        Have a wonderful week. Heading out for a bike ride before the heat of the day after a week of too-hot weather.

  11. J-Dub says:

    What you said … our lives are very similar … almost twins. I’m being goaded to get out more but I get out enough. Walking every morning before it gets too hot. It’ll be over 100 here all week 😦

    I’ve watched Hamilton four times now. Once live in person with the touring cast and three times on Disney +. I no longer need the closed captioning since I played the sound track on a loop for years before I saw the show the first time. Daveed Diggs is the man of the hour to me. He shines every time he took the stage.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Considering your heat during the week, it might be a good time to stay indoors and not worry about your walks. It must be hard to beathe.

      I agree about Daveed. He was incredible…the show itself was incredible…great talent all around.

      • J-Dub says:

        It mild this morning and really has been except for one day last week. We try to be done before 7:30 and that helps

  12. It has been hot here in our lovely state, hasn’t it? I was hoping the heatwave would do the virus in! This past weekend on Sunday though it was gorgeous weather – and not too hot. I hope you got lots of bike riding time in. I love the photo – that’s a great cat-expression. On a side note, do tell, how did you find a ‘cheek’ prompt, when I looked at it, it was ‘song’? Take care, stay well, glad to read your COVID-homebody plan is working 🙂

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I got in a great bike ride Sunday morning. The weather was beautiful yesterday, would have been a nice one to be outside all day.

      My link to the SoCS prompt was wrong when the post first published as I forgot to change it from the week before. Rectified that, but now you’ve made me realize I forgot to update the wording as well. Oops!

      • Yay! Yes, Sunday was perfect weather – it wasn’t even too windy. I could get used to Wisconsin if every summer day was like that (and rained at night!).
        Ah, gotcha – I figured there was something going on about the prompt. 🙂

  13. Joanne Sisco says:

    Except for a few details, my life isn’t much different from yours. Although the province has been gradually opening up, I haven’t been. Three weeks ago when elective surgery could resume, I had surgery done on my right foot. It had been planned for November, but since I was already used to being stuck at home, I asked for it to be moved forward. I’m delighted they could accommodate … especially since it’s been so hellishly hot.

    These are strange times we live in and as MOSY said, I watch the numbers out of the US every day. It’s terrifying.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I’m supposed to have dental work done in August, but I may postpone. The question would be “til when?” Our situation with COVID and an inept President has me wondering when it will be safe to go back in the water. Yes, it’s terrifying and an extremely sad state of affairs.

      • Joanne Sisco says:

        I’m afraid for all of you. Your president is taking actions that no reasonable person would make.

      • bikerchick57 says:

        Yes, and his Republican Governor minions are just as bad. The Georgia Governor is suing the Atlanta Mayor because she wants to mandate face masks in public places. The insanity of the Governor’s action is appalling when the state is being overwhelmed by Covid numbers.

  14. Mary J, you made a great post from this combination of things. Maybe you want to try my “Three Things” method of writing sometime. 😉 I love the idea of the cat themed devotional. Happy Caturday. Hugs on the wing!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Thank you Teagan. Positive feedback from you is always welcomed with open arms. I will be reading and writing more in the months to come and will definitely try my hand at “three things.” If you are interested, the devotional is titled, “3-Minute Devotions for a Cat Lover’s Heart.” Cute and heartfelt stories…and very relatable.

  15. joey says:

    Cats are essential to good living. I don’t have a lot of cat items, so maybe they’ll take away my crazy cat lady badge?
    I didn’t like working at home. Would have been different if I had all the access I have from work, and if I’d had an actual office. Bungalow life, not much room here. The Mister’s still working from home and has the entire dining room.
    Been out to eat twice to the same place, lotsa distance, seemed safe. More takeout, please.
    Few of the girls’ inner circle friends have been over since March.
    Otherwise, I see the same 7 people all the time, every day, for months.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I went to a retirement party in the park last week, so saw some faces I had not seen since I left the office. It was nice for the people contact, but even with a mask, I felt a bit uneasy. It will feel like we’ve been let out of jail when the pandemic leaves us alone.

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