This Past Week…

This past week was a bit stressful.

Most of it was at the hand of my employment – planning interviews, setting up Zoom links, inviting candidates, chasing after candidates for their resume and references even though I sent at least three emails asking for them, answering requests for records, and the constant search for PPE supplies for employees that still work in the office one or two or three days a week.

There’s more, but I will not bore you or whine because I still have a job. For that, I am blessed.

Every week, there seems to be something to order online or pick up curbside. This past week, I stocked up on more food. Apples, sweet potatoes, lunch meat, fake cheese, frozen vegetables, etc. And I bought batteries and printer ink. Exciting!

The waffle maker I ordered last week showed up at the door on Wednesday and Friday the waffle mix and maple syrup came via the delivery guys who Natasha continues to thank from the patio door. As I write, I am yet to put the three items together, but that’s because I’ve been busy trying to make my own face masks. I haven’t sewn in a while, so I can tell you I would never be invited to Project Runway. The masks are still a work in progress.

During the week, a few interesting things happened.

On Thursday, this guy captured and killed a robin out on the patio, much to my chagrin. Natasha tried to get him to let go of the robin outside, but he squeezed past her and took poor birdie into the bedroom as a present to his mom. Even though it’s now a great story to retell and laugh over, Gibbs did not get many accolades that day.

Yeah, I’m an ungrateful mom.

Meanwhile, Ziva snored through the work days and remained really cute. Except when she puked up her food and a hairball.

I’ve been out on a couple of bike rides, one on Friday and one today (it’s 60F and gorgeous).

The rest of the week was windy and cold and not good for even a walk around the apartment complex. No walks or bike rides messed with taking care of the work stress. This week is supposed to be warmer, but rain for the next three days. So, perhaps no bike rides or walks until Thursday. Might be a good time to fire up the waffle iron.

My brother wondered why I had a face mask on while biking. You might be wondering too. Well, considering the bike trail I connect with from home is a popular one and I never know how many people are going to be on it, I’m choosing to be safe. And provide a healthy fashion statement.

I’m anxious about when the State is going to open again. So are a lot of other people on both sides of the fence. Some people are upset by the Safer at Home extension to the end of May while others don’t want to endanger themselves too soon. I’m in the latter category. It’s going to be some time before I feel safe shopping at the mall or meeting friends at a restaurant or wandering aimlessly at the grocery store. The number of confirmed cases in Wisconsin had a new daily high on Friday, the same day a protest was held at the Capitol by those who want to go to the malls and restaurants and anywhere but home, but also want to go back to work.

The night before, nurses planted candles on the steps of the Capitol in a plea for people to be patient and stay home. As in politics, the countryΒ  appears to be divided in our opinions and desires. I guess I will respect the thoughts of others and stay the course that lessens my own anxiety over the current state of the pandemic.

So, this was my past week. Somewhat tiring, somewhat exciting, somewhat frustrating, and somewhat productive, with a couple of opportunities to exercise. There are more work interviews this week (people…send resumes…please…ugh) and an opportunity to practice yoga while it rains outside. Til the sun comes out again.

A recurring gratitude (see my last post) is being upright, breathing, and healthy. I hope to stay that way for another week. I wish that for all of us humans.

How was your last seven days? Did they treat you well?

23 responses to This Past Week…

  1. dweezer19 says:

    I’m right there with you Mary, although we have been operating with skeleton emergency crews at the clinic for three weeks with one more to go. I spent my at home time of those days making special masks for the employees that can be sterilized. In one more week we retipurn to five days although limited schedules. Sigh. That Ziva is so sweet.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Did you make the basic mask pattern or something else? There are a number of variations on the internet.
      Be very careful when you go back to work. Be safe, stay healthy!
      Ziva thanks you. πŸ€—

  2. Dan Antion says:

    Regardless of what your state does, Mary, please be safe, especially if you end up returning to the office. We don’t seem to be in a hurry to reopen here in the northeast, but as people begin to travel to states that are open, and as “snowbirds” begin the migration back, I wonder what they might bring with them.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I will most definitely take precautions, Dan. I’m on the side of safety first, although I do feel bad for small businesses and people without work.

      We’re going to be dealing with this for some time.

      • Dan Antion says:

        We are getting takeout from our usual restaurants. Sitting at the bar is a long way off of

  3. Ah, Gibbs and Ziva seem to be keeping the cat groove going despite all the extra stresses the hoomans are going through. Dessy and Tizzie have shared their droppings around our house too. Spring and hairballs seem to go together, don’t they? Our state is an interesting place to be during this pandemic. We’ll see what 5/1 brings for capital excitement too. Enjoy the waffles and the bike rides to burn off the calories! PS – I chuckled at your comments about sewing masks. I made masks too – by the third one in, I was thankful to have a day job too and I was exhausted! LOL! Stay well and safe, Mary!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday, who regaled me with the account of her cat and a mouse head in the kitchen. Ewww, but too funny!

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who was exhausted by making face masks. It’s hard work to figure out which version works best and then actually do it. Once I get going, though, I think I could whip out enough for the day I go back to work.

      • Cats and mice are always interesting to watch. Our two have only had one instance of it in our house. They weren’t successful in catching it.

        I found a no-sew one made out of an old t-shirt that works well for me. There are plenty of patterns out there to try. Any word on when you’ll go back to work?

      • bikerchick57 says:

        I’m not sure when I’ll be back at work. When the Safer at Home order ends, we’re restaffing incrementally, so I could be listening to cat snores well into June.

  4. hilarymb says:

    Hi Mary – no mask making for me … they’d be awful .. but a necessary necessity in this day and age. I have scarvves I can wrap around, when the time comes. So glad you ‘ve still got a job … even if it’s stressful … PPE seems to be a bad dream for so many – but an essential for any health worker.

    Enjoy being out and about when you can … and take care – I’d be safe than sorry too … the cats look wonderful even if their thuggery comes naturally – well Gibbs’!! All the best – Hilary

    • bikerchick57 says:

      LOL, I like the term “thuggery.” That’s my Mr. Gibbs. He went out on the patio this morning – the first time since the incident – and he behaved himself because there were no birds to indulge his catness.

      Stay safe and healthy, Hilary. It’s good to get out and about as long as we keep ourselves protected.

  5. It seems like it was a rough week for everyone all around, including the kitties. I had a panic attack Wednesday and only just realized how far/long I actually did “check out” with it. Here’s to a better week — for us and the kitties too. Hugs on the wing!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      So sorry for the panic attack, Teagan. Yes, here’s to a better week, which has been okay so far. I realized on Sunday how much I am missing my friends’ hugs and how much they will mean to me when we can do that without worry. Love and hugs from me and yhe kids.

  6. marianallen says:

    Oh, that Gibbs! The Mighty Hunter! And Ziva tossed her kitty cookies over the carnage of it all. I can’t imagine anybody/thing named after Ziva being such a delicate little flower! ha! It’s a good idea to wear a mask around here, for the high pollen count alone, so there’s that.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I think the pollen is affecting me too. My eyes have been so scratchy…

      Don’t let Ziva fool you. Yes, she’s cute, but if you touch her belly without permission, she’ll draw blood. Just like the human Ziva. 😏😾😁

  7. LB says:

    Hello Mary! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on my own blog (I just did!) and even longer since visiting other blogs. I’ve appreciated being able to know how folks are managing during difficult times AND it’s always hard when our home state has been in the news like Wisconsin has.
    Your comment “I guess I will respect the thoughts of others and stay the course that lessens my own anxiety over the current state of the pandemic” is spot on. I keep telling my patients that we can only control what we can control. Take care of YOU and those around you, and hopefully those marching will not cause even more spread of CoVid.
    Get out on that bike and take care!!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Laurie, thank you for your service and being on the front lines with your patients. I’m happy to hear from you and know that you are okay. Please stay safe and I hope we both have plenty of bike riding time in the coming months.

  8. joey says:

    Gibbs is a good boy. Hehe!
    My work has been overwhelming as Mentor has been out another week and a half after her initial return and we got a new receptionist, but she must be trained and umm, a lot of that’s on me, Being valued at work is good, and I love my job, but it was still overwhelming. I am also grateful to continue to work.
    I used stitch witch to make our masks, so I only had to sew the loops to hold hairbands.
    The Mister bought a waffle iron a few weeks ago. He’s made waffles three times. I had one last weekend and it was delicious.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Waffles and syrup are the best! I’ve been eating them all week…sooo happy I bought the maker.
      Work was a little better this last week. Not quite so crazy. πŸ™‚

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