With Open Wings

As I sit on a cloudy afternoon,

listening to a feline snore,

I think of the past few days

and the people I truly adore.

I feel the love of family and friends

and the season of His birth.

The hugs, the smiles and hopeful wishes

for peace on this great, colorful earth.

Surrounded by a gentle spirit

and the gift of open wings,

the knowing glance of an expectant child

while the church emphatically sings.

Never mind the gifts received

or those that are generously bought.

The happiness of the Christmas season

are the friendships and personal closeness sought.

The season filled with twinkling lights

is a time to give mighty praise

For those who often surround us,

gifted by God as the human race.

Put aside the bulging stockings

and the array of chocolate treats.

Walk past the Christmas buffet

filled with ham and potatoes and roast beets.

Walk to what matters most

the people you love and hold dear

give them cheeky kisses and huge hugs

during the holidays, the every days and all year.

8 responses to With Open Wings

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Keeping what is important at the top of our holiday list – great advice – beautifully written. Way to go, Mary!

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