Don’t Fret the Wrinkles

“Are you really who you say you want to be?”

~John Pavlovitz~

The woman in the photo may be worrying about the answer.

Is she who she wants to be?

Or simply worried about a pimple?

Fretting over a wrinkle?

Upset that her compact will not tell her she’s the fairest?

What if that’s who she wants to be?

The fairest…

And she’s not?

In the context of John’s quote, he had asked the question, “What is the way forward (in 2019)?” In a recent post, he wrote:


Yeah, that’s pretty heavy.

In answering the question for myself, I can honestly say that I still have some work to do. It’s work that will go far past 2019 and into the remaining years of my life. I am an imperfect, messy human being, as are most of the world’s bipeds. (Sorry if you are shocked by that statement.) I have a spiritual and moral compass that is sometimes hard to follow.

I say that I love people, but yell at the slow driver ahead of me and get frustrated with the person holding up the checkout line with the many questions.

I say that I love the teachings of my Savior, but still utter cursive with too much regularity.

I say that I want to help people, but don’t always want to help people because I’m home in my jammies, it’s cold outside and NCIS is on the TV.

I say that I don’t want anger to get the best of me, but it does. Stupid anger over stupid things that don’t matter.

Again, I say that I love people, but still judge.

Am I who I say I want to be?

No, not yet. I may never be, but my resolution this year is to keep trying.

Try harder.

Keep going.

Don’t give up.

Get closer to that person, whoever she may be, and don’t fret the wrinkles.

Happy New Year and thank you for reading and being the special person you want to be!

29 responses to Don’t Fret the Wrinkles

  1. Dan Antion says:

    That’s a good way to look at it, Mary. I’m not there yet either, but I’ll keep working toward that goal as well. the other drivers make it hard, though…just sayin.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I know, right? Especially when it snows or I’m in a hurry to go nowhere.
      Here’s to the year of attempted driving patience.

  2. joey says:

    I have long noticed how flawed you are πŸ˜‰ I have also noticed how very deeply flawed I am and how flawed the others are, and all I can say is that we were created with flaws, born to people with flaws, raised in flawed institutions and surrounded by nature we won’t even photograph because it, too, is flawed. It’s a bit harsh, to compare us to the divine when we are so fleshy and flawed.
    That mirror will tell me if my skin is angry or if I have spinach in my teeth, but it tells me nothing about the unsightly flaws within. For my two cents that you never asked for, I’ll say you’re one of the best people I’ve never met. I always see you leading with compassion and then sublimating with chocolate.
    You’re great. Put the mirror down and keep letting the divine shine through.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Joey, thank you. I’ll humbly accept your two cents while gnawing on a piece of chocolate and hoping some day the “never met” will come to an end. (And I’ll drive you around the city streets and curse at the other drivers, or they will curse at me, and we’ll both have a good laugh about flesh and flaws).

  3. THE most brilliant New Year post I’ve read. πŸ™‚
    But … in my honest opinion, I think you’re like Mary Poppins, … you’re “practically perfect in every way”, and I love you to pieces for being exactly who you are.
    Much love. ~

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Awww…Cobs. A Mary Poppins I am not, but I will accept that analogy in the spirit in which it was given. And send back hugs and squidges. Happy New Year!

  4. I think most of us are a work in progress, at least I know I am. But, I do enjoy a good chuckle at my own expense.Yesterday, I was in a store behind a couple, and he was kidding her about going to the car and not helping to carry her purchases. They were both laughing about it, so I said ‘good try’ to him. He kept up the banter with his wife, and I commented he must be a car salesman with that gift of gab. He responded, no, I’m the pastor at such and such church down the road. πŸ™‚

  5. Joanne Sisco says:

    We’re all deeply flawed and works in progress to our last breath. I think the objective here is that we are actively striving to be the best possible versions of ourself – notwithstanding annoying drivers, slow checkout counters, and other random scenarios that remind me I’m not the centre of the universe πŸ™ƒ

    Happy New Year, Mary!

  6. aj vosse says:

    Many truths in there… yes, we have a long way to go, if we’ll ever get to the endpoint… that will be the day the Good Lord calls us home! (He’ll call us in any case… because he knows perfection is not for humans! πŸ˜‰ )

    Happy New Year!
    May 2019 be filled with joy, peace and fulfilment!
    Keep having loads of fun!
    Thanks for your support!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Happy New Year to you as well with the same wishes being thrown back at you!

      Let’s hope we both have plenty of time to work on those imperfections and have some laughs in our attempts.

  7. JoAnna says:

    It’s easy to get distracted from our core values, so it’s good to re-focus or re-evaluate. Thanks for the nudge. Progress not perfection is my goal.

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