The State of Confidence

Some days I have it…confidence.

I’m confident in the ability to complete work assignments, to have fun on a bike ride, to serve the members of my church, to write a blog post, to be a good friend, to make a mean bowl of jambalaya, to eat a daily dose of dark chocolate, to love people and the cats, to take care of mom and my own health, to act silly, to parallel park, to enjoy nature, to be a lifelong Green Bay Packer fan, to walk upright and breathe…among many other things.

Some days I’m not so sure.

Should I buy the brown shirt, the purple skirt or the gray pants? How will any of them affect my wardrobe? Do I have shoes to go with these colors? What happens if I pick incorrectly? I can’t decide…ugh!

Some days, other people are totally sure.

My friend, Natasha, oozes confidence. If she’s ever unsure of herself or a decision, Natasha doesn’t usually let on. She makes decisions and gets on with life…unafraid. Perhaps it’s her military background, perhaps its the Type A personality, perhaps it’s simply genetic. Any which way I look at it, I admire Natasha for her confidence.

I worked with her many years ago and one of her duties was receptionist – answering the phone and greeting visitors. Natasha’s legendary familiar greeting when answering the phone was this:

“Hello, this is Natasha. I can help you!”

No, not “how can I help you?” It was simply “I can help you!” (Meaning I WILL help you.)

No goofing around with indecision.

No goofing around with colored clothing items.

Nope, only sure-fire confidence in self.

It’s a fine attribute and example.

What about you, dear readers? Do you have an unequivocal (or majority percentage) confidence in self? Are there times when your confidence wanes? In what area do you wish you had more confidence?

I know, the hard questions. You can either answer one or all, or leave a confident one-liner. Your choice.

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38 responses to The State of Confidence

  1. Joanne Sisco says:

    “I can help you” … that is brilliant!!

    Reading between the attitude and body language, there are many people who are really saying ‘I don’t want to help you”. What a difference attitude makes.

    Like you, I can see-saw back and forth between sheer confidence and indecision. I’m starting to think of it as a hidden talent πŸ˜‰

    • bikerchick57 says:

      A hidden talent? I like that! Does it help make you confident in your indecision? πŸ˜‰
      I can usually tell when I get someone on the phone who is there to help, but could care less…or who doesn’t really know what they’re doing. Makes me want to hang up the phone and call back in the hope I get someone else.

      • Joanne Sisco says:

        Yeah – Super Powers come in all shapes and sizes … and you better believe I’m often VERY confident in my indecision πŸ˜‰
        I should have learned by now that when I’m indecisive, it usually means I should walk away.

  2. Dan Antion says:

    I love that greeting! That would make a difference in my attitude if I were on the receiving end of that greeting.

    I am generally confident in the things that are up to me to do. It wanes a little when I’m trying to convince a group. I work through it, but sometimes, it’s a struggle with the part of me that doesn’t want to be in a group to begin with.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      People new to that greeting were always surprised because who says that? It’s what I love about Natasha – she confidently comes up with the best stuff!

      I hear you about the group thing. If I know what I’m talking about, I’m okay, but never ever put me in front of one if I’m not prepared or if it’s to talk about gasoline engines and math! πŸ˜€

  3. Definitely not. Lots. All of them.

    I get by on the maxim ‘fake it til you make it’.

    When you were describing your clothing purchase indecision, I could feel my stomach tightening….

    • bikerchick57 says:

      LOL! The clothing. That is why I decided what I’m going to wear the night before…too many mornings standing in front of the closet with total indecision. Shopping can be the same way, but next time I’ll fake it and confidently smile my way through the womens’ section at Kohl’s.

      • My work wardrobe consists of two pairs of blue jeans, six shirts and five pairs of Converse sneakers I colour coordinate with my shirts. Six. Six pairs now. I bought black ones recently for the days I can’t make any decisions.

      • bikerchick57 says:

        Ha! I gravitate toward black shoes most often, but I’ll throw in some blues and browns now and again.
        I bet your sneakers are as colorful as you are! πŸ€—

  4. Well…it depends on the subject matter. πŸ™‚ I certainly worked in my share of groups and still do as a volunteer. But, in general I’m an introvert and just do things myself so I don’t have to convince someone else of its importance.

  5. loisajay says:

    We have a joke at work–Joanne is the boss but Lois is in charge. Just blustering my way through…. πŸ˜€

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Ha! I’ve been introduced as the person who runs the region. Unfortunately, m salary is not commensurate with that statement. 😏

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Yes, that was unique Teagan, just as Natasha is unique. Have a wonderful day as well! 😊😎😊

  6. Laurie says:

    Unfortunately, I find that as I get older my confidence fades. Things that I once did without a thought (like cooking dinner for a big group), now seem daunting to me.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Is it lack of confidence, Laurie, or just too damn tired? Age has done that to me. Having a dinner party at age 30 was much easier than at age 60.

  7. J-Dub says:

    Hello this is Jill. I CAN help you. I wanna be just like Natasha!!!

    Now if that doesn’t put a pep in my step, I don’t know what will. Another excellent post Mary. Thanks for sharing!!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      You’re welcome, Jill. I don’t think Natasha would mind if you started using her line. Think of what fun you could have! πŸ˜‰

  8. Laura says:

    I love Natasha’s greeting! I bet it caught a lot of folks off guard.
    I like to think I’m fairly confident but do get those squirrelly feelings in my tummy when I’m trying something new — don’t think unequivocal confidence folks get those so I guess I’m a work in progress!

  9. JanBeek says:

    You know you’re on to something when your responses approximate your β€œlikes.” I’m that typeA. Pretty decisive… almost to a fault!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Jan, if you could rub some of your decisiveness onto this blog post, I’d very much appreciate it! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Š

  10. Sharukh Bamboat says:

    This is a really good post. However, I’m sure even Natasha goes through the same experiences as you. She doesn’t display it, that’s it. Also, she’s so good with her product knowledge that she feels she can handle everything that you throw at her. Confidence is like speed, never constant. Some days you’re racing ahead, some days are sloppy. My college friend circle believes my English vocabulary and command is way better than theirs. It is not. I just don’t let them see it. The confidence with which I speak fluently makes them think Oh wow! Sharukh is just so natural with English. A native speaker would have a different say on my English skills.

  11. bikerchick57 says:

    Thanks Sharukh! You are probably correct that even Natasha has moments of doubt, but I love how she fends it off and keeps moving forward. As for your English abilities, I couldn’t judge that unless I met you in person, so I’m just going to say “keep practicing…you’re doing fine!”

  12. joey says:

    You must PUT ON the clothes and decide if you love them. If you don’t love how you feel in them, you don’t buy them. Also, not that it’s my business, but shouldn’t you be buying more colorful things? Cause given your personality, the purple skirt is the only one that says “Mary” to me, but again, it’s not my business.
    I don’t struggle with confidence in many things. Math.
    Now, indecision, I struggle with on occasion. Choosing paint colors. We all have our things, best to focus on the positives.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Not to worry, Joey, I have many colorful winter sweaters in my wardrobe. I tend to keep pants, though in the black, gray, brown, navy color range so it’s easier to mix and match the colorful tops.

      Many years ago, while shopping with mom she said to me, “Why are you looking at black clothing?” I told her it was because black is sexy and she laughed at me. Mom always said I need color by my face and I’ve been trying to practice that to some degree.

      Yeah, math. No, not confident.

      • joey says:

        Your mom knows you best πŸ™‚ Definitely colors for you! I gave up black a few months ago. I felt like I needed so much makeup or a white scarf to not look like I’m dying. I don’t care how it looked, that’s how I felt. lol

  13. This is a most excellent phone greeting. πŸ™‚ I guess we all have such and such days, of both varieties. What floors me every time is when my (Italian, actually Roman, which is important, they are the most, hkkhmm. arrogant, okay! self-confident people in the world) amore asks me why I am so insecure, while I’m this totally badass Slovenian who moved countries and everything for love, and am STILL here. He should see all the other Slovenians then. :p

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Confidence comes in many forms and for different reasons. I would say your confidence came from the courage to move countries for love. I’m not always confident either, but I have my moments and it tends to show up when I need it most.

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