Musings from the Pod II

In a continuation of the hardship story of two hapless felines who suffer the indignity of a too-hard bed, not enough love, and far too little food…


Yes Gibbs.

Stop it.

I will if you get your gray butt over here and write this post for me.

Just a minute, I’m almost done licking my…


Hey Ziva! Are you awake?

Just barely. The last bowl of kibble did me in. I think I could sleep all day.

Do you want me to comment on that?

No. I can’t help it if I have more of the feline sleep gene than you do.

I think you received a triple dose.

Very funny. Aren’t you supposed to be writing a post for mom?

Yes, but I had to harass you first.

You harass me every day. You know, it was kind of nice when you weren’t feeling well and mom was trying to cram pills down your throat. There was no harassing, no running around like a crazy fool, no beating on the door for food at 4 a.m.

I know, but I don’t want to feel that way ever again. I had no energy, no will to play and no will to pound on doors. I don’t know what was in the pills, but I couldn’t take it anymore.

Mom had to do that. I heard her say she was worried about you. It made her sad that you weren’t recovering from your bladder infection. She’s much happier now that you’re back to your normal, weirdo self.

I’m not weird, just emotionally expressive.

Yeah, try to sell that one to mom when she’s mad at you for misbehaving.

Mom cherishes me.

That’s a cheap plug.

Well, mom wanted me to mention The Cherished Blogfest, which was supposed to be October 13-15, has been extended through this week to October 22nd because some dude named Dan had an email faux paw and very few people posted for the blogfest and it made Dan sad and he decided to extend it so everyone can post about their cherished person, place or thing, and all would be right with the world, except for the football thing.

What football thing?

Don’t ask. And whatever you do, don’t ask mom. It’s a touchy subject.

Okay, I’ll act dumb.

*smirking glance from Gibbs*

Don’t even go there.

You’re no fun.

Yes, and proud of it.

What do you cherish most, Gibbs?

Now who’s making a cheap plug?

I’m serious, I want to know what you cherish.

I cherish food. Food, food, food.

Besides that.

Ummm…probably the bed or our cat tree. They’re my most favorite places to sleep.

What about you, Ziva?

I cherish the basket in which I sleep. It’s been with me a long time. The people that took care of me at the shelter let me sleep in the basket while I was homeless. Very comforting. I hope mom never throws it out because that would be a sad day.

That’s a good choice. Do you know what else I cherish?

The catnip cigar?


The mouse on a wire that mom taunts you with?


The shower stall?


Then what?

You. I cherish you, Ziva.

Oh c’mon, don’t look away. You feel the same way about me. Admit it.

You know, we’re stealing Dan’s idea. I think he was going to write about his dog, Maddie, and what she cherishes. You know, dog toys and dog stuff.

Don’t worry, he can still do that. I mean Maddie can do that. Letting Maddie write a post would be better than letting his voices write a post. They can be a little crazy. Maddie, on the other hand, is just too sweet. She’s adorable.

Gibbs! Do you have a doggie crush on Maddie?

No, absolutely not. I’ve never met the cute bitch before.

Hey, you never answered me. Do you cherish me? Or am I just a “weirdo?”


Yes, I cherish you Gibbs. More than I can tell you because otherwise you would get a big head and it would explode and you would cease to exist. Then mom would be sad. Really sad.

Because mom cherishes me?

No, because she’d have to clean up the mess.

Of course mom cherishes you. Why else would she call you “Mattress #2” after all those trips to the vet?

I don’t get it.

Never mind. I think we’re done here.

Yeah, done. Go back to sleep.

16 responses to Musings from the Pod II

  1. dweezer19 says:

    They are so adorable. I am very happy about the extension. Been too busy to post. 😱And me, a supposed host. So sad. And soeaking of football, our LSU defense is rockin the house out of nowhere. Kicked butt two weekends in a row. Now if we can just takr bama…..😉

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Yes to taking ‘bama! I think everyone has been extremely busy, so I’m glad Dan gave more time to post. I’m looking forward to a story of your cherished something. ☺

    • Dan Antion says:

      I watched part of the LSU game. They do look good. I’d love to see someone smack the tide around a bit.

  2. Dan Antion says:

    Awww, that’s the best! What a comical pair. They covered a lot of cherished ground. I think you and they are pretty lucky to have found each other. I’m going to see if Maddie can figure out what she cherishes, but she’s going to have to wait for Saturday. I’m sticking to M-W-Th-Sat this week.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Thanks Dan. I’ve tried talking Gibbs and Ziva into taking their comedy show on the road, but neither is a fan of the car. I guess they’ll have to settle for blogging fame and reading about Maddie’s cherished belongings.

      I don’t blame you for sticking to your normal blogging routine. I’m never quite sure how you post four times a week as I’ve been having difficulty with once or twice a week. This week is no different…I may have to settle with reading and commenting on everyone else’s posts rather than writing.

      • Dan Antion says:

        I really liked how you wove so much into that dialogue (is that a catalog🙂). I think those guys are cherished.

        As for blogging, Wednesday and Thursday are easy to write (most weeks). Saturday is either easy (bar) or I look for the SoCS prompt. Monday is when I try to be serious. That’s the one that takes time and when I lose that time, it’s hard to recover.

        I’m not sure what to do with Maddie. She’s such a complex story.

      • bikerchick57 says:

        Look Maddie squarely in those beautiful eyes. She’ll tell you how to write her story..

  3. joey says:

    I loved “faux paw” 😛
    I also am so glad you keep the safe basket for Ziva 🙂
    This post was a sweet spot in my morning, thank you.

  4. Oh MY Goddess. Take this damn show on the road woman! I even read it to Mitchell and then had to laugh all over again… And the basket made me cry.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I read your comment to Gibbs and Ziva this morning and all they could say was, “Shut up and give us food!” No appreciation for kind comments like yours. At least I am glad that the post made you laugh. 😀

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