One-Liner Wednesday: Remedy

Yeah, beer

And chocolate

And puppies or kittens.


And pumpkin pie

And warm, woolen mittens


And summer sun

And a favorite movie


And family love

And music that’s groovy


And magenta sunsets

And soft Mr. Bunny


And one-liners

And signs that are funny


This post has been brought to you by beer, beer and beer. It has also been brought to you by Linda G. Hill’s “One-Liner Wednesday.” All you need to play along every week is an awesome one-liner and follow a few rules. Birds on a wire are not required, but make sure you link back today’s post to HERE so the rest of us #1linerweds peeps can read it.

The Cherished Blogfest is happening on October 13, 14 and 15, 2017. Hosted by Damyanti Biswas, Dan AntionCheryl PenningtonPaul RuddockPeter NenaSharukh Bamboat, and Kate Powellit is open to anyone with a keyboard and story about something or someone they cherish. Details are posted HERE and make sure you come back on the 13th to find the link to blogfest participants.

(You can help share the news of The Cherished Blogfest by using #CBF17 on all social media.)

14 responses to One-Liner Wednesday: Remedy

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I had a pumpkin ale on Sunday while watching football. It was very tasty even without the cinnamon spice rim. Happy Wednesday, Judy!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Ha! That is my all-time favorite movie. I think this is a cross between Sound of Music, Homer Simpson and hack poetry! 😁

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