A Worldly Warning

In another two weeks,

lightness you shall seek

from bloggers around the world.

It’s the second leg

of the blogfest peg,

“We are the World” unfurled.

Join us, please

(I’m asking from both knees)

with a noteworthy story of good

Just one little link

and a written wink

for someone farthest from rude.

A positive tale,

all glory and hail,

to those who make life grand.

Of those who give us a smile

and afford worthwhile

love, kindness and a helping hand.

And so you’ve been warned,

do not be scorned,

or left out of this wondrous event.

Take charge,

participate large,

And in darkness, make a marvelous dent.

watw-turquoise-badge-275-x241-whiteFriday, April 28, 2017, is the second installment of “We are the World Blogfest.” I encourage you to join a group of bloggers who have chosen to speak of positivity and goodness once a month on their blog page. It’s a way to push aside negativity and the darkness of the world for one day, every month, for a year. If you are interested, check out the details HERE. Posts are held to under 500 words, so it’s easy to play and to read the many wonderful posts that come from the blogfest. The great thing about #WATWB is that you can post either every month or only on the months you are able…and it’s an opportunity to make new blogging friendships. Check it out and I hope you will give it a whirl. I’m co-hosting this month, so looking forward to your offerings of peace, light and hope.

16 responses to A Worldly Warning

  1. Ally Bean says:

    Count me in. Have no idea what I’m writing about, but I’m sure inspiration will strike between now and then.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Awesome Ally. I’m sure you’ll find something. I have two different stories, but can’t decide which one to use. I’m also hoping for inspiration…of choice.

  2. I found something yesterday that I think will be inspiring. It came out of the blue – well sort of. This is a great reminder post – I love the rhyming. ~ fellow #WATWB member

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Thank you Lynn! I found your comment in my spam folder. Not sure what’s happening here, but it’s certainly annoying!

  3. joey says:

    Sweet and light poem 🙂 I’m plottin. Inspiration will come. But not before May, I tell ya!

  4. Joanne Sisco says:

    Your poem is so inspiring. I loved reading the stories from last month. So much nicer to hear about the kinder side of life ❤

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I know, Joanne. There’s a great amount of happiness and good people in the world. I hope you’ll be joining in this month. 🙂

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