What you Want…

You know you want summer warmth,

not two feet of snow.

You know you want chocolate,

rather than cheese from a goat.

You know you want fashion-forward style,

but not this by a mile.

Or this.

You know you want to be loved,

not left alone.

You know you want to laugh,

rather than cry and groan.

You know you want to have your place in the sun.

Left alone is sounding more and more like fun.

I think we have this on the run.

You know you want to find brightness and hope,

rather than menacing dark.

You know you want to share positives,

not negative snark.

You know you want to participate in “We Are the World” Blogfest,


not take a nap or find time for rest.

Find out how to sign up HERE,

and follow along as our guest!

A year’s worth of happiness is really what you want.

To spread cheer and smiles across social media and the internet.

The world will love and embrace what you do.

No second thoughts, you know you want to…

19 responses to What you Want…

  1. Sharukh Bamboat says:

    Very interesting way to say what you wanted to say. Right now all I want is a snowstorm.

  2. joey says:

    I’ll take the snow and goat cheese, but pretty much everything else, you’re spot on! I haven’t really gotten the gist of the fest. I guess I’ll review it again…

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