Poor Little Kitten


Who has lost their mitten?

Was it a child or poor little kitten?

I have no clue, but it is written,

One little paw or one small hand may be frost-bitten.

And neither shall have their pie.

Meow…sigh…no pie.

This post is in response to the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Against the Odds.

What are the odds that one lone mitten would be hanging off the branch of a tree? That it would be lost? Or that it would be found?

If you want to participate in this weekly photo challenge, don’t be shy. You do not have to be a professional photographer (I’m about as amateurish as they come), just a photo that matches the challenge and perhaps a short story or poem. It’s an opportunity to meet other bloggers and make new friends!

22 responses to Poor Little Kitten

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Great photo, but that the Wee Sing song version of that nursery rhyme is firmly lodged between my ears. The three little kittens, they lost there mittens…

  2. It’s against the odds that the mitten would get on the branch on its own. Less against them that someone would put a lost mitten there. Odds of the owner finding it? You never know. I might go back to look for it. I always wonder about lone shoes. How could you not notice? 🙂


    • bikerchick57 says:

      Last year, someone left their jacket on the trail. It moved from a bench to hanging on a post, then was gone. I always wondered if the owner came back to claim it. As for the mitten, I’ll be looking for it tomorrow when I go for another walk.

  3. Joanne Sisco says:

    I think it’s a great photo and finding single mittens seems a common occurrence at this time of year.
    I lost a hat on a hike one day – a lot easier to do than you might think 😉 It had been a particularly challenging day and Helen offered to turn around to go back and find it, but there was NO WAY I was retracing our steps that day!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      You made the right choice by not going back for a hat. Better to spend a few dollars on a new one. I’d only go searching if it held high sentimental value. In the meantime, some squirrel has a soft, warm nest.

      • Joanne Sisco says:

        I like the idea of a happy, warm squirrel.

        Yes, my rationale was the same as yours. No article of clothing is worth the extra mileage on rough terrain.

  4. Ally Bean says:

    I like this photo. I see lost mittens on the ground under the street light in front of our house. It’s where the kids stand in the morning waiting for the school bus, so no surprise really.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Thanks Ally. Perhaps someone needs to place a lost and found box at the bus stops so the kids can locate their mittens and hats the next day.

      • Ally Bean says:

        A practical suggestion. But what fun would that be for me when I walk by and get to see all the colorful lost items!

  5. dweezer19 says:

    “No! I don’t want to wear them,” says kitten as he puts the window down and aend smitten flying into the frosty air.

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