Cat Talk: Yes, it is!



Ziva? Ziva? Are you napping?


Ummmm…really? You’re kidding, right?

Well, wake up. Mom wants us to write a post for her. She’s busy decompressing during her vacation and would rather sit on the couch, watch daytime TV and eat a cupcake.

Oh. Are cupcakes good?

I’ve heard they are good, but the humans never offer one. All I get is beef, chicken and smoked salmon. And an occasional cat treat.

Ohhhhhh…I love the salmon. You can keep everything else, just give me kibble, treats and smoked salmon. Yum. Anyhow, what are we supposed to write about? We don’t do anything exciting, especially since it’s winter and there are no birds outside the window.

We could tell everyone what we got for Christmas.

Okay, you go first.


Santa brought me a new box. I love my new box. It’s very comfortable, which makes it a great place for a nap.

The box is for both of us, but Gibbs hogs it.

I do not.

Do too.

Not. Besides, you have your own box, a red cushion by the heat register, and a basket with a fluffy blanket. It’s not like you’re deprived. Quit whining and continue.


Santa brought me a new pillow for my head.

Ziva! That’s a catnip banana toy.

I know it’s catnip. It’s also very comfortable.

The banana toy is for both of us, but you’ve been keeping it for yourself.

Have not.

Have too.

Not. Besides, there are four catnip toys laying around in the living room. All you do is lick them until they are soggy, beat them up for a while, then ignore them for days…sometimes weeks.


So, what else are we going to talk about?


How about how handsome I am…I am, I am?


What? M-R thinks I’m handsome. So does mom and the curly red-haired girl that comes to visit.

You take yourself and the pandering compliments too seriously.

Do not.

Do too.

Not. If I take myself too seriously, then I wouldn’t respond to Mr. Blister or Jester or Naughty Boy.

You are all of those things.

Yeah? Then what are you?


Beautiful and adorable.

Oh boy.

No, I’m a girl and a cute one at that.

Now who’s taking themselves too seriously? Your head is getting bigger than your rotund belly.

Gibbs! It is not.

Is too.

Not. My head is the normal size of any other royal Queen, as is my belly.

Yeah, just don’t let anyone touch that belly or else!

Well, a girl has to protect her vulnerability.

I suppose. That’s okay, I’ll take all the belly rubs you refuse.

Whatever. What else can we tell the peeps out there? I’m running out of material and ready for a nap.

I could tell them the color of my poop.


I could mimic the sound of your snoring.


I could tell them about our other Christmas gift – the mouse at the end of a wire, attached to a pole. I could tell them how I chase the mouse around the room and how you catch the mouse, firmly hold it in your mouth and won’t let go.

I shouldn’t do that, makes my fangs hurt.

I could tell them.

No, that’s somewhat embarrasing.

Okay, I could show them how to chew on an artificial Christmas tree.

Absolutely not…there may be small, impressionable kittens reading.

Well, then I’ve got nothing else.

Me neither. How do we end this post?

We say goodbye, turn out the light, and go back to sleep.

That’s it? I’m not sure I believe you.

It’s true.

Is not.

Yes, Ziva, it is…

Sleep tight.

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38 responses to Cat Talk: Yes, it is!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I know they like each other, they just don’t always agree. I fear telling them you agree with their adorableness. I’ll be bowing extra hard tonight. 😉

  1. M-R says:

    One of the best portraits of the Queen, I think: she really is cute and adorable – AND her tummy, too. But then, Gibbs is … Gibbs is … he is simply swoon-worthy, and that’s that. I love this dialogue, you mad woman ! 😀

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Thanks M-R. Ziva really is adorable, I only wish she would let me rub that damn belly. She’s a terrible tease. As for Gibbs, he seems to have a fan base of admirers who think he’s the cuddly George Clooney of Catdom.

      • M-R says:

        Well he bloody IS ! Mind you, I adore my Monster Mog, and I think he is a really beautiful cat; but Gibbs is a bit of a 1-off …

  2. Dan Antion says:

    Those guys are so sweet. I want to rub that belly. I love the way they snuggle with the catnip toys. The box is the greatest cat toy ever! Our girls look at each other like their nuts. Happy New Year to Gibbs and Ziva (and Mary).

    • bikerchick57 says:

      We all want to run that belly. If only it were possible without losing a limb. As for the box, we call it the cat trap. They have another box set-up that keeps flipping on them. They lay underneath it for a while, then leave and wait for us to right it. It’s a game for which we’ve been well-trained. Happy New Year to the girls and you and your family.

      • Dan Antion says:

        MiMi has a little box on top of a one-step step stool (multiples of these cause The Mrs is short). Sometimes, MMi sits under the stool (turtle mode) sometimes she lays in the box. We now refer to the box as the turtle’s roof rack.

  3. Herman says:

    Glad to see Gibbs and Ziva have everything under control.
    Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Someone has to be in control around here, Herman. It may as well be the two felines. Gibbs and Ziva respond with a meow and purr!

  4. Phil Ryan says:

    Nice post, Mary. As talented a duo to come out of your neck of the woods since Bud and Lou 🙂

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Are you referring to the Bud and Lou from comics or Bud Abbott and Lou Costello? Because these two act more like the latter…

  5. Phil Ryan says:

    I think you’ll find the comic characters were Dennis and Gnasher (Sorry, the only comic I read was The Beano)
    Abbott and Costello. I particularly liked their cricket skit, ‘Who’s at 1st slip?’ 🙂

  6. joey says:

    They are beautiful kitties and deserve their vanity 🙂
    Also, “there may be small, impressionable kittens reading” LOL!
    They’re good conversationalists.
    I rarely imagine my cats talking, although the do beg for food, water, and Catticus begs for tents. Cletus has been happy about all the bags and paper in the last month. Clara has taken over Christmas Hello Kitty’s bed. It’s red satin with white marabou trim. Every time I go in there with a camera, she comes out so I can’t get the shot. She wants love. Always.
    I imagine my dog talking all the time. I think she talks a lot, really, with her eyes and tail 🙂

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Oh, if you ever get a photo of Clara in the Hello Kitty bed, you’ll have to put it on FB or write a post. Cure!
      What is tents? Did you mean treats?
      Gibbs is a big talker. I wonder often what he’s saying because sometimes we have no clue whatsoever. If only we had a universal translater…

      • joey says:

        I have GOT to catch Clara in that bed. I just need a drone…
        Catticus asks for tents. He gets on the furniture, paws at blankets, and cries until someone makes him a tent. He wants to have a space under a blanket. Also, he doesn’t like cat-houses, cat-trees, or boxes with holes cut out — he just likes tents made of blankets and pillows, like a kid.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Gibbs and Ziva thank you and promise to be nice to each other. That might be only for the moment as they tend to forget their promises when the cat attitude kicks in.

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