Eat Good Cookies


This is a great motto for December.

Beginning Thursday, I will be engrossed in Cookie Baking Extravaganza 2016 for a minimum of three days. This is an annual rite of Christmas when I open Pandora’s Box and summon the evil super duper sugar gods into my kitchen. With their help and the totality of delicious ingredients (flour, eggs, peanut butter, spices, chocolate, nuts, lemon, dates, sugar, etc.), I work with the determination of Iron Chef Zeus to create several tins of Christmas gifts for family and friends. There’s constant whipping, beating, chopping, baking, washing and rewashing dishes and quality assurance testing to give a tasty gift from the stomach heart.

Once in a while, I come up for air to eat healthy food and sit for a few minutes until the sugar gods summon me back into the kitchen for additional caloric evil super duperness. Finally, and with a sigh of a job well done, their master summons the invisible sous chefs back into the box for a year-long rest.

And I continue with the Q.A. testing while laying prone on the couch.

Sorry, I don’t take orders. 😦

You may not get any Christmas cookies from me, but you can get kudos from Linda G. Hill for participating in her weekly One-Liner Wednesday. Simply publish a one-liner and link back to Linda’s post-of-the-week. It takes little effort, you meet up with new and familiar bloggers, and it’s fun!


32 responses to Eat Good Cookies

  1. Ah, the sugar gods. 🙂 I made a second batch of toffee yesterday. Thank heavens I’m giving about 80% of it away as a gift today. The 20% sadly has to stay here. I love good cookies. If we lived closer, I’d trade you toffee for cookies, and then we could both recline and zone out. Good thing December only rolls around every 11 months. 🙂

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I have to give most of the cookies away or I would be in trouble, Judy. I’ll think of you when I finally get to the reclining stage and toast you with a cookie! 😃

  2. Joanne Sisco says:

    Thank you. I will now be craving homemade cookies all day … and I wasn’t quite over the lemon poppyseed cake yet.

    … that chocolate chip cookie would sure taste good with my morning coffee ….

    • bikerchick57 says:

      You’re welcome. I’m not over the cake either. :-p Maybe the taste of cookies will replace that craving…or maybe I’ll just want more. Tis the season!

      • Joanne Sisco says:

        I’m trying to keep a tight rein on the sweet tooth. The past 6 months have not been kind to the caboose :/

      • bikerchick57 says:

        I’ve loosened up on the reins this month, which is probably not good…but I’m trying to focus on the treats that are really worth the calories.

  3. Herman says:

    Cookies…delicious ingredients like chocolate… Say no more… Count me in!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Okay, Herman. All I have to say is “dark chocolate” and your ears perk up. Too bad we’re not neighbors. I’d invite you over to help with Q.A.

  4. Dan Antion says:

    All hail Iron Chef Mary – go forth and summon the sugar gods and have them do your bidding. I know you’re not making deliveries, but I hope to see some photos 🙂

  5. Phil Ryan says:

    Yes it is a lovely motto but wouldn’t there be dietary concerns and consequences of only eating cookies, even if they are good? Oh well, step aside Morgan Spurlock, I can do this 🙂

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Well, my peanut butter, dark chocolate chip cookies, made with gluten-free flour and a stevia/sugar mix are somewhat healthy. If I have to over-indulge in one of my round spheres of happiness, that would be the one. I’ll make sure I eat my broccoli too.

      • Phil Ryan says:

        Ah yes but the thing is Mary, the motto is quite specific about this, only cookies can be eaten, I’ve already cleared my fridge and cupboards. The brocoli was the first to go. 🙂

  6. joey says:

    I do the same 🙂 It’s a wonderfully warm and delicious tradition and I enjoy knowing we share it 🙂

    • bikerchick57 says:

      We should exchange recipes! I try to find something new every year because I’m worried the recipients will get bored with the same stuff every year. Last year I made pecan pie cookies and they were a hit!

      • joey says:

        Sadly, I make the same things every year. However, I did, for myself try Italian licorice cookies and loved them … and got to eat them all by my lonesome! lol

      • bikerchick57 says:

        I love black licorice! My parents used to make anise cookies. Wonder if that’s similar to yours?

  7. M-R says:

    You were wise to state up front that you don’t take orders, M-J, you clever thing!
    What do They do while this frenzy of sugary showmanship is happening ?

  8. JoAnna says:

    My personal rule is that I can only eat cookies if they contain nuts or dark chocolate…. or ginger. Sometimes I follow the rule.

      • JoAnna says:

        Yes! Those are all good for you! I’ve got peanut butter covered with the nuts, I think.

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