Wishes from a Bridge


I wish that you had been here with me

upon my wooden slats

to smell the remnants of summer air

before the temperature crashed

img_20161006_122522174_hdrI wish you had heard the crunch

of the dried leaves upon my boards

to see them scatter just a bit

in unspoken, leafy words

I wish you had heard the sounds

of geese flying overhead

their honks of joy going south

to make their winter’s bed

I wish that you had walked my path

the same as Mary J

to see the blue sky, white clouds,

and bright yellow-oranges of the day


I wish that you had breathed in

and noticed the whiff of gray plank

It’s what I have to offer humans

In appreciation and thanks

I wish you could experience joy

as much as I do here

when birds sing, branches wave

and nature is forever near


17 responses to Wishes from a Bridge

    • bikerchick57 says:

      There are trees and water and wetland underneath. I love that they preserved the land and built a bridge that doesn’t detract.

      • joey says:

        Thanks! I am better, but not BETTER. I can’t smell anything right now, but tomorrow’s another day 🙂

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