Gratitude: My Red Bike at the Haskell Street Barn

D. Katie Powell is not only fabulous with the use of her art supplies, she is great at recounting her wonderful childhood memories…especially that of a bright red bike. Please go to her website to “like” and post comments.

D.Katie Powell Art


*alert: vampire child face, oops*

I had a good childhood, raised by a single mom with an alcoholic dad who skipped,
and three much older brothers who loved me dearly.
I am GRATEFUL because I wasn’t around JD (what they called my dad),
because he caused a lot of grief to my brothers, really, a bit nutty.
I had three amazing older brothers.  Who needed a dad?

debbie beck on her birthday for partyWe lived in one of the last barns on
Haskell Avenue in Encino, California.
This may have made me love barns,
or maybe it was the ranch, or my DNA.
The owners converted it into a giant guest house.
I had many firsts here: first skates, first Barbie,
first Barbie’s wedding dress *swoon*,
first costume birthday party where I went as a
a girl in a bikini and hula skirt wishing she was Cleopatra.
Hollywood had a big effect on me though

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