One Love, Two Noses, Eight Paws

This post is a bit late for the Friday photo challenge: One Love.

Better late than never, I say.

I needed the opportunity to take a few new photos of one-love-times-two: Gibbs and Ziva.

Not counting family and friends, these two outweigh everything else, including chocolate and orange bicycles, in the one-love arena. Hands down. Their two noses and eight paws have an important place in one heart.

At first Gibbs wanted nothing to do with a photo op. He looked away every time I touched my finger to the phone’s camera. He wanted to be petted, to be loved, not to sit and give a handsome pose. I finally had the idea to go out onto the patio and close the door. He’d have to sit and stare at me then, right?


Nope, he pawed the door. This was the best photo from the patio theory.


I had no issues with Ziva the Queen. She either was too tired to care I was interrupting her solitude or Ziva is becoming a photo slut diva. Neither she nor I can decide.


Oh, mom, let me curl my paw so that you totally adore me.

Yes, Ziva, I do. I love and adore you.

As for Gibbs, I finally took a decent head shot.


He had totally forgotten about me, about needing love from human mom.

There were birds outside the window.


Okay buddy, fine. Thanks for the photo anyway.

You and Ziva are still my one love.

24 responses to One Love, Two Noses, Eight Paws

  1. Maggie says:

    Ziva does look like a pampered queen. BUT I love Gibbs, both photos speak volumes. Great photography.

  2. They are beautiful and have their own characters. However photo opportunities are sometimes difficult and other times easy. They have a definite mind of their own – divas did you say? Exactly.

  3. Dan Antion says:

    You can’t hope to compete with birds. Your guys are adorable. It’s easy to see why you have them so high up on the list.

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