Gray Tubes for Sale

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For those of you who read the latest edition of What the Heck?”, I’m here to provide closure. (Click on the answers to #1 and #2 to see images.)

  1. Daisy Wheel. I was astounded to find this object amid the closet junk. We had thrown away its companion Canon typewriter in the trash years ago when the computer made it obsolete. I have no idea how the daisy wheel hung onto life in the darkness, but it did. I believe it may have been stealing oxygen from the decorative beads and plastic paper trays. I thought about holding onto this as an antique or selling it as a way to make a fortune on eBay, but a little voice inside of me kept singing, “Let it go, let it go…” 
  2. Feet for a Monitor Riser. At one point, many employees had monitors that didn’t adjust up or down. In order for tall people, short people and people in between to have their monitor at a correct height, they either A) placed it on top of their CPU, B) placed it on top of a ream of copy paper, or C) placed it on a monitor riser, choosing the correct number of gray tubular feet commensurate with their stature. Unfortunately, with the advent of adjustable monitors, the risers are seldom used and so are the gray tubes. At one time, some lovely soul brought a box of the risers to our office, with many round feet, in the hopes others would take them off their hands. That never happened. Most of the platforms made it to the dumpster, but, for an unknown reason, I have kept the gray tubular feet. Anyone interested in purchasing these precious gems?
  3. A Portable Plastic File Folder Stand. Sorry, there is no link to an image on Amazon or elsewhere for this item. As I said in my post, I don’t know where this came from or who ordered it…unless it was the procreated child of a plastic paper tray and misguided binder. No matter. It also found its way to the dumpster.

That’s it. You have your answers. I hope this post has provided enlightenment of some degree. Dan from No Facilities, Master of Something (MOSY) and moondustwriter provided answers that were close or spot on (as with Master’s guess of a portable file stand). There is something to be said of the “I have no clue” and “I don’t know” responses. Truth prevails. Honesty is the best policy.

You may all give yourselves a pat on the back because other than a bent paper clip, that’s all I have to offer as prizes for your best guesses.

Thanks for playing.

Until next time…

11 responses to Gray Tubes for Sale

  1. Told you it was a flower…

    Monitor risers?? Wow. Luxury. We had phone books for that. But then, I was working for the national telecommunications company so they were in good supply.

    I’m a bit scared I knew that last one. I have this unsettled feeling I may have had one once.

    Fun game as always. Thanks, M-J.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      A flower by any other name…
      I use a phone book to raise up the front end of the powerpoint projector. Now THAT’s luxury! Thanks for guessing and playing and sorry I’ve scared you with the office junk.

  2. LB says:

    Oh my … still clueless about some of these.
    Having spent 30 years in hospitals and clinics, I’ve not come into contact with these.
    Now the plastic leis … plenty of those.

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