Upright Victory

Victory!  Forget the sad times. This week’s photo challenge is all about revelling in a win.


There are days when the victory comes in breathing, in being alive,

having the opportunity to stand under a hot shower on a cold autumn day,

or allowing the first steaming cup of vanilla caramel coffee to warm the innards.

The victory intensifies when a typical Friday the 13th conjures a laugh

and the knowledge that the black-cat day doesn’t last forever.

Victory is in the ability to stand and type…

Nay, to stand. Upright.

Greatness comes in appreciating the victories, small and large.

In celebrating,

in being awake,

and tossing the sad times out with the dirty bath water.

Victory is yours, my own, forever in the grasp of a mind’s eye.

10 responses to Upright Victory

  1. Dan Antion says:

    This week is over – victory is ours! Scratch another Friday the 13th off the calendar Mary. Nice job with the challenge.

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