Bag Lady

I co-exist with a bag lady.

Flowers and Ziva 009

She loves bags. Her favorite is a black-striped DSW bag.

It’s the bag of preference, the one that feels just right.

Guess where I’ll be buying shoes from now on?

Flowers and Ziva 007

She’s a funny bag lady, preferring to lay on top of the stripes, rather than inside.

Once in a while, she’ll go in.

For grins and giggles.

Flowers and Ziva 012

There are moments in timeย when she’ll roll over and “play dead.”

Natasha yells, “Someone shot your cat!”


She’s simply a happy camper, snoozing away.

Dreaming of a shiny, new bag.

20 responses to Bag Lady

  1. M-R says:

    Honestly ! – imagine making use of a handy term like that when talking of Queen Ziva !
    TSK !!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I know. She gave me the royal evil eye over the name of this post. I just smiled as she lay resting on her favorite bag…

  2. Ally Bean says:

    I’m reminded of the line in the Wizard of Oz: “Can you even dye my eyes to match my gown?”

    It would seem that your bag lady has taken a fancy to a bag that is just as stripe-y as she is. It’s always good to coordinate. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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