Feathered Ghost

Owl 001
Cue the score to a certain Hitchcock movie.

In a walk with the neighbors Tuesday night

we came upon an eerie sight

An owl, perched precariously on the end of a light post

Looking a bit like a small feathered ghost

Waiting for the movement of its meal

of which his hunger would steal

Watch out little bunny and squirrel!

His claws around you, they shall curl

Up, up and away he will stealthily climb

To take you to the hiding place where he dines

We approached to his menacing stare

A photo opportunity lay bare

“Come closer,” he beckoned to me

“I may want to dig my claws into thee…”

But before he could act on impetuous ego

A car turned the corner, a motorized foe

It gave itself gas and increased the speed

Toward us and the owl, with focused greed

To make its way hurriedly past

And with that, the end was now cast

Mr. Owl lifted his wings with might

And haughtily flew out of sight

His chance at a meal, at that moment, done

The speeding car had decidedly won

No doubt, though, the creature returned

Later…when foe was gone and quiet was earned

To search again for his unsuspecting prey

Watch out little creatures, he’s headed your way

8 responses to Feathered Ghost

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Haunting words and image Mary. The sky looks ominous. We’re still playing host to a family of bunnies so I hope we don’t see this ghost hanging around here.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      The sky looked a bit more ominous than what it was in reality. It was actually a beautiful evening and gorgeous color in the clouds at sunset.

  2. joannesisco says:

    Ooooooh … that was a different twist on an owl. Usually they are portrayed as wise, quiet, non-threatening. Your ominous version was well done! Watch out little bunny and squirrel!!! 🙂

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