June 4th is National “Hug Your Cat” Day!


Ziva wanted nothing to do with the hugging crap.

Gibbs pandered to me for just a moment…

until he wriggled free.

I think he was scared.


13 responses to Hugs!

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Aw, that counts as a hug, even if he seems to want to get away quickly. Ours are pretty hugable but one ccan’t be squeezed to hard, she’s pretty little.

  2. M-R says:

    Who wouldn’t be ? – I mean, I’m sure you never smoodge on your moggies – not ever !
    Just like you never eat bacon …
    I wish I’d known about June 4th: Lui Stringer wouldn’t have been allowed merely to sleep on my lap, but …

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Nope, never Smoodge, and certainly never eat bacon. It’s not too late to put your arms around Lui. In fact, that should be an every day occurrence!

      • M-R says:

        Well, to put it mildly, it happens most of the time. Of late (read ‘now that it’s got cold’) he wants nothing more than to sit on me. Lucky me ! – it’s heavenly !

  3. It wouldn’t have made any difference if I’d known yesterday was hug your cat day. Leonardo condescends to receive affection only when he demands it. By headbutting me in the face and lying on me heavily at 5am until I get up and give him breakfast.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Sounds like you have the typical, early morning “FEED ME!” Cat. Next time he’s sleeping, head butt him and see how he likes it

      • He’s had to share his kingdom with an annoying dog for the past month. I might wait until the pooch goes home before torturing him further.

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