And the Answers Are…

Do you want answers to “What the Heck?” v.2?

I just happen to have them for you, along with the naming of two winners.

Assortment 025

1)  OWL PUKE.  M-R guessed the “what,” but MOSY inadvertently named it in her comment. I consider them both winners deemed worthy of my highest praise. You both rock and you are both science/weird humor geeks! Rock on with the owl puke!

2)  ORGANIC FARM EGGS.  Say what? That doesn’t make sense and, yet, it does. The owner of the science/hobby store, and his wife, also own an organic farm called “Dancing Frog Farm.” They are usually stationed at the summer farmer’s market; however, in the winter, one either has to go to the farm, which is a 25 minute drive, or go to the science/hobby store in town. At times, I feel bad that I’m not actually buying anything scientific at the store, but they seem to understand. On that day, I bought two dozen organic eggs and nothing more.

3) CERAMIC TURTLE.  The tortoise or turtle is considered good feng shui in the home or garden. I gave Natasha a turtle to hang on one of the patio pots last year. I keep looking at the small brick-red tortoise in the plastic container and something keeps telling me to buy it. And I never do. After this post, though, I am determined to capture this little creature next time I buy eggs.

There you have it. Answers to those burning questions. Thanks for playing (again) and I think this may become a regular here-and-there feature of MJM. Stay tuned for additional strange photos and questions coming to your email and WordPress reader!


21 responses to And the Answers Are…

  1. M-R says:

    Bloody H ! – how dare she pip me ?! [grin]
    Didn’t occur to me that a scientific product aimed at kids would be suitably named. My bad.
    Organic eggs ? – what’s odd about that, M-J ? Means they fowls are raised organically, that’s all: no antibiotics, no horrid things sprayed on the ground, etc. I eat ONLY organic eggs. 🙂
    (I see the link to bacon, now.)
    Would never have guessed the turtle in a million years. Nice idea but.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Nothing odd about organic eggs, it’s where I’m buying them that’s odd. Felt very strange the first time I went into the store. Anyhoo, I eat lots of organics now, not just eggs. So much better for me and the taste is so much better.

  2. I totally knew that! [cough]

    Yeah, eggs, that was my next…mumble…mumble…, Yeah, okay, so I would not have guessed that in a million years. Ours don’t sell eggs. Unless they’re made of plaster and tiny little plastic dinosaurs come out of them.

    Feng shui? That’s the one with the ginger in it, right? I like it extra spicy.

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