“What the Heck?” v.2

Due to lack of time to put together an actual post with lots of words, I’m going with what works on short notice.

This is “What the Heck?” v.2

What the Heck II

You have one legitimate question and two bonus questions to answer:

1) What was the two-word name on this box of grossness? (I bet you can come up with at least one of the words.)

2) Bonus: I was in a science/hobby store when I came upon this lovely item. Why was I lurking at the science/hobby store? What did I buy at the science/hobby store?

3) Extra Bonus: There is a little plastic container in the check-out area. I keep looking at the small items inside, believing I should buy one of the little critters to bring good luck to the patio garden. What am I looking at?

Good luck peeps! There are no prizes, except my high and mighty praise for your guess. Fire away.


27 responses to “What the Heck?” v.2

  1. M-R says:

    Owl pellets ? I always wish that the wonderful word ‘fewmets’ had come into being to describe these, and tons of people explore the world of pellets, but very few the world of owl droppings. Waste of a terrific word.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Fewmets? That’s a new word on me. Sorry, it’s not pellets and you get a discerning frown for not attempting to answer the bonus questions >-/

      • M-R says:

        Then it must be owl droppings. Or regurgitations. Yes, regurgitations – because what scientists look at is not their droppings but what comes out of their horrid little tummies.
        What you had gone in to buy was the secret magic recipe for bacon cooking. What you actually bought was … WHOSE NOSE ?!

  2. 1. Owl’s Pooh
    2. Doesn’t everybody lurk in science/hobby stores?? If I were you I would buy that silly putty that makes farting noises.
    3. Hm. That’s not what’s in the bins at my store. Unless it’s good luck to have one of those balls that you squeeze and body parts poke out through the holes.

    Do you getthe feeling I’m a bit too attracted to the ‘boy humour’ section? Can’t imagine why.

  3. joannesisco says:

    1) Glory Guts

    2) Buying graduated cylinders to make the Perfect Martini (after all measurements must be precise)

    3) chipmunk … or bunny. Yes – make it a bunny, please.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      1) No, but very interesting. 2) No, but I’m all for that as long as it makes a perfect chocolate martini. 3) Close, but no cigar.

  4. Relax says:

    1. “Rodentia Reconstruction” 2. You were lurking at the science/hobby store because a boy’s birthday is coming up for which a gift is need, and what you actually purchased was “Rodentia Reconstruction” because there were other lurkers there and you needed to get out. 3. Little pop-up frogs.

  5. 1.) Owl never be able to guess this one, so a pun it is.
    2.) UV light to examine the fluorescence/phosphorescence of whatever is in the owl poop package
    3.) Zombie garden gnome key-chain. Because, you know… drool… zombies

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Oh Maggie, you get an award for your groaner of the day. Good job! As for 2 and 3, no and no, although I love the idea of a zombie garden gnome. I may have to look for one!

      • My cousin has an assortment of zombie gnomes. I was going to google an image and attach it here, but 1.) ew, gross and B.) I believe I do not have the technology to do that, so we are spared the grossness.

  6. #1: Scientifically Gross
    #2: you were at the science/hobby store because you wanted ideas for a new hobby. You bought said item we see in the picture
    #3: a mini garden nome

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