Being Judged And Finding A Mermaid

It’s time you let Joanne at “My Life Lived Full” know if you’re inspired to try something new.

My Life Lived Full

As we quickly approach the end of May, I thought it was time to update my status on the 52 New Things Project.

When I first conceived of this idea to try at least 52 new things during the year, I didn’t have any real plan.  The smooth-walled ruts of complacency were closing in on me and I simply wanted a mechanism to ensure I didn’t settle into a routine of same-ness with each passing day.

Armed with a spreadsheet – which eventually evolved into categories – I started to populate it with ideas.  If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you already know that my curriculum vitae of fulfilled adventures is long and varied.  I worried briefly that it might be challenging to constantly find new things to explore.

It quickly became apparent however that adding variety and new-ness into my life was not going to be that difficult…

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5 responses to Being Judged And Finding A Mermaid

  1. I was running past the local athletics track on the weekend and someone was giving pole-vaulting lessons. It’s like that dog on the Pixar movie “Up”. “SQUIRREL!!” 😀

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