A Trashy Story

Maggie at “The zombies Ate My Brains” has a very messy post for you. It’s garbarge day!

Maggie Wilson Author

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Tuesday is garbage day. Every alternate Tuesday, the county collects the recycling, too. I checked the calendar last night – yup, blue box day tomorrow. Should I put it out tonight, I wondered,or leave it for the morning? You know, the gut-wrenching dilemma of weighing the pros and cons of getting out of my chair to haul the trash to the curb, vs. the “yeah, buts.” Yeah, but it will rain and that will make a sodden mush of the newspapers. Yeah, but don’t forget the raccoons. Don’t worry, I argued, I’ll have plenty of time in the morning.

Later, at [bleep] twelve [bleep] thirty-seven in the [bleep] morning, the sound of glass hitting pavement startled me wide awake. My first thought was that kids were tossing trash at the newly poured concrete foundation across the road. But then, I heard more noises: cascading pop bottles and clattering tin cans and the…

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  1. I saw an unfamiliar orange icon in my WordPress notifications today… what the heck? Oh! A reblog! Yay me! And Double Yay you! Thanks!

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